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The best phone mirror tool for both iOS and Android devices. You can use it to mirror and record anything you want, and even mirror multiple devices at the same time.
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StarzMirror Supports iOS/Android in One Place

StarzMirror is here to help mirror iOS and Android devices to PC wirelessly or use USB. No matter what kinds of requirements there are, StarzMirror gives you the hand.

StarzMirror Supports iOS Android in One Place

What Makes StarzMirror Better Than Others

StarzMirror always aims at a better mirroring experience, it provides game control, multiple devices mirroring, recording, screenshot, and many more great features.

Control Android from PC
Connect your Android to PC with a USB cable, then you can easily control the device with the mouse and keyboard. This helps play games without emulators and achieve any mobile activities on a PC.
Mirror Multiple Devices Simultaneously
StarzMirror allows users to mirror iPhone or Android devices to PC at the same time, you can mirror up to 6 different devices.
Record and Screenshot
Not only the fantasy mirroring features, but it also provides record and screenshot services. Get multiple media solutions in no time.
USB and Wirelessly Mirror
Unlike other mirroring tools, StarzMirror can be used with both USB cable and WiFi networks, everything is in the palm of your hand.

Some Situations StarzMirror May Help You

Video Entertainment
Video Entertainment
Game Lives
Game Lives
Online Lessions
Online Lessions
Meeting Presentation
Meeting Presentation
Facetime Mirror
Facetime Mirror
Screen Off Mirroring
Screen Off Mirroring

3 Steps to Use StarzMirror

Step 1. Select Unlocking Mode
Step 1. Download StarzMirror and install it on your Windows computer.
Step 2. Connect Your Device
Step 2. Select a mirror mode and follow its onscreen instructions to start.
Step 3. Start to Unlock
Step 3. Mirroring successfully! Now you can enjoy yourself with ease.

Free Trial VS VIP Version

Comparision Free Frial VIP
Time of Mirroring 15 mins Unlimited
No Watermarks
Record Screen 3 mins Unlimited
Control Android from PC
Android Game Keyboard Fixed keyboard Customize virtual keys
Free Update

Faqs about StarzMirror

  • Is it safe to use StarzMirror?
  • Yes. StarzMirror is safe to download and install. We guarantee users 100% security and private info protection.
  • How do I know if it works for my iPhone/Android?
  • We offer a free trial for you to check if StarzMirror supports your device before purchasing the full version.
  • Can I control my mobile phone with computer using StarzMirror?
  • Yes. Once mirrored, you can use your computer to control your Android device easily.
  • How many devices can I use StarzMirror to cast at the same time?
  • The maximum number of devices you can used with StarzMirror at the same time is 6.
  • Can I get my money back if StarzMirror not working?
  • Yes, we have 7-day money-back guarantee. If the software has any problem, you can contact our support to help solve the issue or refund you.

How Does User Say about StarzMirror

user 1
rating star
StarzMirror is sure the best phone mirror software I have ever used. Lower price and much better features.
user 2
rating star
I have used many different phone mirror tools, to be honest, StarzSoft maybe not be the best one, but it provides everything I need, mirroring, recording, and screenshotting.
user 3
rating star
You will never know how much I love this software, it can not only mirror iPhone and Android simultaneously but also supports controlling Android from PC. It's really good for users enthusiastic about games.
StarzSoft Phone Mirror
Mirror iOS and Android easier than ever, make your digital life smarter.