User Guide of StarzSoft KeyPass

Did you forget your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch screen passcode? Or it is disabled after too many incorrect passcode attempts? Fear not! StarzSoft KeyPass can help you bypass the issues of screen passcode easily and quickly. Just download KeyPass and let it do the rest for you.

Step 1. Launch StarzSoft KeyPass

Launch StarzSoft KeyPass on your computer, and click the “Start” button.



  • 1. Please be aware that all your data on your device will be erased after unlocking.
  • 2. The iOS version will be updated to the latest.
  • 3. Please make sure your device has enough power.
  • 4. After unlocking, you’ll need to enter your iCloud password to set up your device if Find My iPhone/iPad is on.


keypass unlock screen passcode

Connect your iDevice (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) to your computer via a USB cable. Then click on the “Next” button, KeyPass will start to detect and load your device information.

keypass connect idevice

Step 2. Download & Verify Firmware Package

Verify your device info and select the firmware version provided, then click “Download” to proceed.

keypass download firmware

Please kindly wait for a few minutes to download the firmware package and make sure your device is connected to your computer.

keypass downloading firmware

After the downloading completes, it will automatically verify the firmware package, this will take a few seconds.

keypass veryfying firmware

Step 3. Start to Unlock Passcode

Once the firmware package is ready, click the “Continue“.

keypass firmware ready

Please read the notice on the pop-up window carefully and enter “1111“, then click “Confirm.

keypass confirm unlock

KeyPass will start to unlock your device. Please keep your device connected to your computer via USB cable. Just in a few minutes, the passcode/Touch ID/Face ID will be removed from your disabled device.

keypass unlocking screen lock

That’s it! Your disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is successfully unlocked now!

keypass unlock complete