How to Fix “Network Locked SIM Card Inserted” Error?

If you’re a Samsung user you might have received this exact error and if you have then we have a few ways you can try fix it. This occurs when you when you have put in a new SIM card and It could appear for various different reasons. Each of which I will cover and I’ll take you through the steps of fix each issue.

Why are you getting this issue?

Like I said above there are a few reasons why this message might appear. There are ways of telling what the problem is.

  • There is a Network Lock which means your device is currently stuck to using one Network Lock, this is often locked by the provider you got it from to prevent you from using a different network carrier.
  • It could also be because of a Region Lock which occurs when you are using a Samsung smart phone that was designed to work solely with the SIM card you received upon purchase from the carrier and it will only work in certain parts of the world.
  • If it’s neither of the issues stated above it is more than likely due to Faults with the Phones Firmware. This issue occurs commonly on Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and S9. As well as a few others.


There are ways of resolving each of these issues and I’ll take you through the steps.

Before Fixing Anything…

You should check whether your phone is locked before doing anything. So below I’ve taken you through the steps below.

The first option is to contact the carrier to ask whether it is locked and if it is you can ask if it can be unlocked.

The second option is to check the settings on your device. Go to mobile networks in settings and then click the network operators option. If you can see other networks then the phone is most likely unlocked but it can be wrong.

There are also websites like WipeLock IMEI checker that will have information about your device like the unlock status.

  • Follow the link above to
  • Enter your IMEI which you can find in your about section in the settings app.
  • Then scroll through the options till you find the Unlocked Status option. It should tell you beside it whether your phone is locked or unlocked.


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Usually there is a way by using a new SIM card from a different carrier but this won’t work if you are getting this message.

After following one of these options you can proceed to fixing the error message with one of the solutions below.

If it is Locked due to Network or Region Lock

If it is locked due to either of these issues I have listed the steps to fixing it below.

1Contact a Carrier to Unlock Network Locked SIM

If you are getting this message when inserting a SIM card that belongs to a different carrier you can contact the previous network provider. There are a few issues with this option.

They will give you an code with around 8-16 digits that will allow you to unlock the SIM card, that is only if you have met a few requirements related to your contact. After getting the code you to:

  • Turn off your device and put the new SIM card in.
  • After restarting the device it should ask for that code, at that point enter the code and you should be able to use your phone.


First you need to have used that carrier for certain amount of time usually a few months. It depends on the carriers choice. You also need to have paid for the smartphone completely.

If it is not paid for then you will need to pay a fee for early termination. Which can be frustrating especially which is why you might want to go the second route of…

2Using an Online Service

There are a few services that are trustworthy you can use to unlock your SIM card. Like the services we mentioned before you most likely need your IMEI. For Samsung users we recommend doctorSIM.

This is a paid service but it’s verified and will work without voiding the warranty of your phone.

  • Enter the brand of phone you are using. They have a lot of options including Samsung.
  • After going through another page and pressing “Unlock your Phone” option you need to enter a few details like your IMEI, Email and SMS (optionally) and then they will ask you to pick a payment method.
  • They will then send you an unlock code through your email. Turn off your phone and insert the SIM card, then enter the code they gave you when the error message pops-up. It should ask you for a 8 – 16 digit code.

3Firmware issue fix

The way of fixing a firmware issue is using the Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android. It is again a paid option but there is a few options. You could have it for $19.95 for a 1 month license. Or you could get it for a year for an extra $10 and the final option for an extra $20 you’ll have it to keep. It also works on five devices with any of these plans.

Warning: Before following these steps we recommend you back-up the data on your device first as it can cause data loss. Follow this link to find out how to back-up your data.

  • After purchasing Reiboot install it on your computer and connect your Samsung device to the computer.
  • On the software click “Repair Android System” and after the new screen has loaded press “Repair Now”.
  • Select the info relevant to your device and then download the firmware package offered to you. It shouldn’t take long to download.
  • Start the System Repair, it should take around ten minutes and once it’s complete your device should be working as it originally did.


After being repaired you can move your data back onto the device.


Fixing these issues is fairly simple and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue if you follow these steps you should have the issue fixed. Hopefully we’ve helped you today and we have more articles available, we cover other mobile devices.

Author: Barack James

Barack James is highly concentrated and accomplished on the topics of technology!