How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop: 4 Methods

Computers, like other devices, might develop annoying and frustrating issues. For instance, your Acer laptop might slow down out of nowhere, and despite looking at the various aspects, things couldn’t be improved.

If nothing works, you can opt for the factory reset Acer laptop to kill any malware or virus causing the computer to slow down. If you don’t know how to factory reset Acer laptop, this guide has some breathtaking options.

Part 1: What Should You First Before Factory Reset

You must not jump into factory resetting the Acer laptop, as taking the necessary precautions is recommended. For erasing all the content and settings from the Acer laptop, you’ll need to ensure that the backup of the data stored in the laptop has been created. Doing so helps you to avoid data loss.

Online tools are also being made available that help you factory reset the Acer laptop without data loss, and you might review them before taking them on board.

Part 2: How to Factory Reset ACER Laptop

1. Factory Reset Acer in Acer Care Center

The first thing you could use to learn how to factory reset Acer laptop is the Acer Care Center. It enables you to prepare the data backup, and restoring the networking drivers and settings is also possible.

Thus, you can look at the guide below to factory reset Acer Laptop, provided you’ve installed Acer Care Center.

  • 1. Launch the Acer Laptop and visit the search box. Next, you’ll need to enter the Recovery icon there. You’ll need to press on the “Acer Recovery Management” from the options that will emerge now.
  • 2. Upon choosing the “Recovery Management,” you must enter the “Acer Care Center.” Tap on the “Get started” icon while prompts enabling the “Reset your PC.”

    how to factory reset acer laptop

  • 3. Now, you can decide where to remove everything or keep your files.
  • 4. Tap on the “Remove files and clean the drive” to proceed.
  • 5. Click the Reset icon to review the on-screen instructions to complete your job.

2. Factory Reset Acer Laptop via Alt+ F10 on Startup

If you cannot factory reset the Acer laptop normally, you can do it by using the Alt+ F10 on Startup. Follow the guide below to get it done.

  • 1. First, you must press the power button several times to turn off your Acer laptop. Switch on your laptop again when the Acer logo comes into sight, and press the F10 and Alt keys simultaneously.
  • 2. Now, you’ll see the “Choose an option”. Click on the Troubleshoot button to proceed ahead.

    acer factory reset

  • 3. Select the “Reset This PC” and click the “Remove Everything”. Press on the Restart icon to initiate the process of factory resetting the Acer laptop.

3. Factory Reset the Acer laptop via Repair or installation disk

You can also factory reset Acer laptop with the Installation or repair disk.

  • 1. Insert the installation/ repair disk into the Acer laptop. Next, you’ll need to boot the laptop by using the disk. Navigate to the screen’s bottom and select the Next icon.
  • 2. Proceed ahead by tapping the “Repair your computer” icon.

    factory reset acer laptop

  • 3. Select the Troubleshoot icon and decide whether you’d like to keep the files or remove them. Next, you’ll need to select the system.
  • 4. In this phase, you must choose “All Drives” or “Only the drive where Windows is installed.”
  • 5. Select either “Just remove my files” or the “Fully clean the drive” icon. Press on the Reset button to factory reset the Acer laptop.

4. Reset Acer Laptop via Linux OS

Resetting the Acer laptop via Linux OS is possible, but this process might be tricky for some users. Here’s how to factory reset Laptop Acer.

1. Reset Acer Laptop via Disc

Requirements: External USB drive and Acer Recovery disk

  • 1. Turn off the laptop after getting the required items. Power on the laptop after connecting the USB to the laptop.
  • 2. After pressing and holding the F12, you must leave the button until the Acer logo appears. After entering the boot menu, choose the USB drive before hitting the F10 key.
  • 3. Tap the Exit Saving Changes and Install Acer Doing so will take you to the recovery management panel of Acer. Follow the on screen instructions to reset the Acer laptop.

2. Reset Laptop via Linux Shell

  • 1. Press the Ctrl+Alt+R to open the new shell.
  • 2. Click enter after typing the “dconf reset-f/” inside the shell.

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data After Factory Reset

Factory Resetting the Acer Laptop will indeed cause data loss; you’ll eventually lose personal data.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about it as you can retrieve the lost data using Starzsoft Data Recovery software. It is highly recommended software that prompts recovering the 1000+ data types without tinkering with the data quality.

Apart from offering an effortless user interface, the best thing to like about the StarzSoft Data Recovery software is that it tends to preview the data before retrieving it.

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  • 1. After visiting the official website of the Starzsoft Data Recovery software, you’ll need to install the software and then launch the program. Then, you’ll need to visit the folder in the Acer Laptop from which you’ve lost the files.
  • 2. Hit the Next button to initiate scanning for the lost data. The process will only take a few moments before getting the job done.

    factory reset acer chromebook

  • 3. Preview the data and hit the Recover icon to start getting the data restored. The process will take little time, provided you’ve arranged a fast and stable internet connection.

    how to factory reset a acer laptop


1. Can I reset Acer laptop without turning it on?

You can factory reset Acer laptop without turning it in by clicking the Power button and regularly hitting the Shift button or f11. Doing so will help take you to the computer’s advanced settings, where you can factory reset the Acer laptop.

2. Can I factory reset Acer laptop without a password?

To factory reset the Acer laptop without password, you’ll need to shut down the Acer laptop. Next, you’ll need to press the power button to switch on the Acer laptop when holding down the Alt+ F10 keys options on the keyboard. Now, you can follow the on-screen instructions to factory reset the laptop without a password.

3. When should I factory reset Acer laptop?

If you’re using the older Acer laptop or your laptop got slow immensely, you can consider factory resetting the Acer laptop.


Knowing how to factory reset Acer laptop takes only a few seconds. This guide has listed the 5 amazing and breathtaking methods to factory reset Acer Chromebook with minimal effort. However, if factory resetting the Acer laptop causes data loss, you can retrieve the lost data through Starzsoft Data Recovery software.

Apart from offering an effortless user interface, StarzSoft Data Recovery software enables you to get the data recovered in original quality.

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