10 Tips to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working Issue (100% Work)

iPhones, over the years, have grown to be loved by virtually all mobile device users. This is not unconnected to the fact that it has amazing features that can rival any top android device. However, despite Apple’s spearheading endeavors and developments, it isn’t faultless as there are often complaints of iPhone sound not working. 

fix iphone sound not working

Indeed, even the more essential sound capabilities are prone to issues from time to time. This can be very disappointing as sound assumes a vital part in iPhones. This can be very disturbing when you listen to music or make phone calls.

Why is My iPhone Sound Not Working? 

Several factors can occasion this anomaly, and they are as follows :

1. Sound settings: Sometimes, your iPhone’s volume levels get turned down coincidentally while navigating your device. Thus, causing the sound not to work on iPhone. In addition, other programming settings like the ‘Don’t upset mode’, ‘Quiet mode’, or even sound upgrades can cause this issue.

2. Bugs: These are mistakes in the iPhone’s firmware that cause accidental outcomes like no sound. This can be eliminated by upgrading your device to the latest edition or restarting it.

3. Settings from third-party applications: Often, the issue is not iPhone itself; however, in the streaming stage or other applications you are using. Some applications have their sound settings, which may disrupt your iPhone’s original sound system once in a while.

10 Tips to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working 2022 Updated 

If your device has been having problems with sound, be reset assured that these tips would be useful in helping you out.

1. Examine the Silent Button 

Take a look at the Ring/Quiet switch. This usually happens when you activate the silent mode and forget to switch it off.

silent button on iphone

Thus, most importantly, you ought to ensure that your iPhone isn’t in quiet mode – push the switch ahead — ensure the orange color is not appearing. After the Quiet mode is switched off, then increase the volume using the buttons.

2. Switch Off the ‘Do not Disturb’ Feature 

When the feature is activated, you will see a little moon sign in the upper right bar on your iPhone, and you won’t hear any sound on your iPhone. Thus, you should ensure it is switched off.

do not disturb iphone

3. Turn Off Your Bluetooth 

Assuming your iPhone is synced with another gadget, the sound will be linked to the device, which would stop you from hearing any sound on your iPhone. Therefore, to cover all tracks, go to your settings and ensure it is not turned on.

4 Carefully Look at the iPhone Speaker

If your iPhone makes no sound, you might love to check out the speaker’s working condition. Go to Settings > Sounds> turn up the button several times, and it should work like a brand new device.

turn on sounds iphone

If you cannot hear a sound, the gadget might require an overhauling. Also, if the speaker button is not working properly, you might need to contact the Apple support team for more assistance.

5. Check your Notifications Settings 

If you can’t hear any sounds from a particular application or some applications, the issue might be in your Warning settings. Ensure that your permission is always sought before the Volume is tampered with.

notifications sound iphone

You can check by going to Settings > notifications from applications. You should ensure that the authorization and sound buttons are green in color.

6. Check for Updates in the System

It is common knowledge that a few minor bugs would be fixed upon an update. So ensure that your device is running on the current update version but if not, download the most recent version.

7. Check for Updates For Your Applications

To fix iPhone sound not working, sometimes, some applications might be running on old updates.

Therefore, endeavor to check out the updates for various applications, which might help ensure the sound bugs causing issues when the Applications are opened are neutralized.

8. Restart iPhone

Close every one of the applications on your iPhone, switch off your iPhone, and then turn it on. To do this:

restart iphone

For iPhone X and recent iPhone series: Press and hold the Side button and Volume Up/Down button Until Slide to Power Off shows up > Drag the slider to switch off your gadget > Press and hold the Side button and Volume Up/Down button again to turn on.

For iPhone 8 or older versions: Press and hold the Home button Until Slide to Power Off shows up > Drag the slider to switch off your gadget > Press and hold the Home button until it turns on.

9. Reset All Settings

If the techniques mentioned are not working, you can attempt to reset your iPhone’s settings. Simply go to Settings > General > Reset. Tap Reset All Settings, which will reset the sound, show, and organization settings to defaults. So it can most likely work for iPhone sound.

reset all settings

If the issue remains, you can look at Reset Organization Settings. For the most part, it can reset Wi-Fi organizations and passwords, cell settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve utilized previously. A few clients revealed it’s helpful for their gadgets.

10. Examine Settings of Third-party Applications 

If the iPhone sound not working, still, after the 9 methods above you have tried, then applications from a third party can affect your iPhone sound settings. For example, music applications like Spotify and YouTube Music have separate volume controls and adjusters. In the interim, other applications like Instagram and Zoom have built-in sound control mechanisms.

It’s advantageous for these applications to have their sound settings. But, be that as it may, those equivalent settings can likewise influence other applications and the iPhone. Thus, if that is the situation, ensure you turn it up.

How to Fix iPhone Sound Not Working with StarzSoft Fixcon 

StarzSoft Fixcon is a perfect software developed to cater to software issues that iPhone users might encounter. Thus, since software defects usually cause sound issues, StarzSoft is your one-stop place to rectify them.

fixcon home interface

You can download it, and it will fix it after detecting the problem. It does this in two ways: Standard and Advanced modes. Be assured that your data will be intact either way, as the software will restart your phone and sort and fix those defects in the interim.


You can always pause before contacting the Apple support team for any slight issue you might have, as you can try one or more of these methods of solving the iPhone sound not working problem. Please, we would appreciate your comment, review, or question on this article.

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Author: Raymond Lei

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