How to Fix iTunes Error 2146893032? 6 Best Ways for You!

The use of iTunes software to upgrade or restore an iPhone or an iPad can result in error 2146893032 where the notification box for the error can be the first noticeable symptom.

It will make the pc function slower or become unresponsive due to software crashing.

This article will describe the most effective and ideal ways of swiftly solving the iTunes error and some of the ways of preventing it from occurring.

About iTunes Error 2146893032

iTunes Error 2146893032 is an error found in error code 2146893032, usually caused by hardware issues.

It means that when there is a hardware malfunction, the iTunes present in the ios of the device prevents authorization while downloading the restoration files.

One may also infect the iTunes software with malware, which can lead to iTunes error code 2146893032.

How to Fix iTunes Error 2146893032

If one is unable to determine the root cause of error code 2146893032, one can attempt the following effective ways to resolve the problems:

Rebooting iTunes and Checking iOS Device Connection

Sometimes iTunes is simply disabled for no apparent reason. Therefore, one needs to restart iTunes several times to correct minor bugs automatically.

Typically, this method is the one-stop remedy for all iTunes-related issues. The process involves unplugging the iPhone or ipad from the pc and shutting down iTunes to restart it.

Restart iTunes to connect it with the operating system of the device.


When checking the ios connection with the iPhone or iPad using a pc, ensure that the iPhone USB port and the USB cord are in good condition. It is because many users use a cable to power their phones while connecting them with a computer.

Therefore, one should take extra care with the USB cord. The best option is to use a genuine Apple USB cable.

Additionally, ensure that the iOS device is solely linked to the pc. Itunes error code 2146893032 present on the iPhone and other devices may result from a conflict with another external storage device that is connected to the pc.

As a result, one must disconnect any other USB devices connected to the pc to clear the error code 2146893032 quickly.

Disabling the Security and Anti-virus Software

One needs to disable security and anti-virus software because the iPhone or iPad security program could identify iTunes as harmful software.


The anti-virus program can also block all input and output data transmission.

Alternatively, one can delete the security and antivirus software is they are not significant for use to repair iTunes issue 2146893032 if that doesn’t work.

Upgrading iTunes Software

If rebooting iTunes does not clear the error code 2146893032, then there is a probability that the outdated version of iTunes can cause the issue.

In this case, one should be able to resolve the error code 2146893032 problem and get access to the device synchronization by reinstalling the iTunes software or the UWP app.

When upgrading the iTunes version for the desktop, press the Windows button + R To bring up the Run dialog box. The Apps and Features menu will appear once you put “appwiz.cpl” in the text field and hit Enter.


Scroll down the list of applications once one has entered the applications and features menu. Then right-click the iTunes app and select uninstall from the menu bar.

Follow the directions to finish the uninstallation at the following prompts.

Restart your computer when the procedure is finished, then wait for the subsequent startup to finish. Browse the iTunes download website when your computer restarts and search for the most recent Windows version of iTunes.

After removing the primary iTunes program, continue the process by eliminating every related Apple-published component to ensure there aren’t any leftover files that could still be causing this behavior.

Click on the Publication column and proceed to delete anything that Apple signs.Inc. Ensure to double-check to make sure you are not missing anything.

Taking Out or Replacing the Battery

The iTunes error code 2146893032 might be brought on by the poor battery life. If another iOS device is nearby, one can swap out its battery to do a test.

The process involves switching the iPhone off and removing the battery.

Wait for about 5 minutes before putting the other battery. Replace or reconnect the battery, power up the iPhone, and re-establish an internet connection.

This approach works for customers who have not changed their iPhone battery in a while and for iPhone 5 batteries with error 2146893032 and other iOS versions.

Inspecting the Sensor Cable

Consumers frequently overlook the significance of the cable sensor present in the iPhone. Many iPhone issues, including iTunes error 2146893032, can be brought on by a faulty sensor connection.

The process involves switching off the iPhone and then removing the phone’s battery to turn the power off.


Remove the battery screws, clean it and tighten it once more. Then, try upgrading or restoring the iPhone with iTunes once again.

Using the Best iOS System Repair – Starzsoft Fixcon

If the above procedures seem not to be working, one can use Starzoft Fixcon iOS repairing software to solve the error code 2146893032, among other errors that may be present in the iPhone.

By preventing loss of data, the software assists in resolving complications that may be present in the phone’s operating system.

The repair system is compatible with almost all the iPhone models and other Apple products such as iPads and MacBooks.

The recovery program features premium access to other features and tools that can solve complex iTunes errors.

One has to be cautious because using the premium level may erase all of the information on the phone; therefore, one needs to back up the data on another device. The process of using the repair software involves installing it and then opening it on your pc.

fixcon standard repair mode

Connect the iPhone to the pc using a USB cord. When the iPhone is connected, press the ok button and then put it into dfu mode by following the instructions on the screen. One has the option to view the fundamentals of the iOS device.

fixcon download firmware package

Then, verify that each of those details exactly configures with the device used. To begin fixing the error code 2146893032, press the repair button.

One may complete the remaining tasks automatically with the starzoft Fixcon systems recovery.

fixcon repair successfully


The error code 2146893032 is typically brought about by hardware issues. When it is displayed on the screen, it sends a signal that the iTunes software has prevented authorization while the device is downloading restoration files.

The use of starzoft repair software can effectively fix the iTunes error code 2146893032 if the issue needs a more advanced method.

It is essential to regularly inspect the hardware elements to avoid getting the iTunes error code 2146893032 and other related errors.

Author: Barack James

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