How to Resize an Image on Android Phones with Apps?

resize images on android phone

Mobile users may have the need to either shrink photos to a smaller size or convert images to other formats. When you need to reduce a photo’s size on your Android device, you have two options – you can either use a web application or download an Android photo resizer app on your device.

Chances are, you will not always have access to the internet connection every time you need to resize a picture. Having an app on your device is a much better idea. On the internet, there are numerous apps claiming that they are capable of resizing photos. Not all of these applications work. To make finding a good Android photo resizer app much easier for you, we have decided to find the top-rated photo resizers on Google Play Store.

Android Photo Resizer Apps You Should Consider Installing       

1.     Image Size – Photo Resizer

This Android photo resizer makes it possible for you to resize an image to the size you prefer. The whole process is both quick and easy. You can easily specify your preferred output format using the 4 measurement units available. The units are millimeters, inches, centimeters, and pixels.

The application allows you to not only save the image. You can also choose to email, print, or share the final picture.

The application has already managed to get over 0.5 million installations. Additionally, the app has a rating of 4.3 stars out 5. This indicates that, while there are some people who are not impressed with the results produced by the app, the majority of its users are impressed.

Image Size – Photo Resizer Main Features

  • The image sizes you use are saved for you. You can select them pretty quickly from a list.
  • You can rotate your image 90 degrees left and right.
  • The Android photo resizer features a photo editor – you can get filters, text, stickers, and much more in the application.
  • You can adjust the JPG quality in the application settings.
  • It is possible to alter the storage path in the settings.

2.     Photo & Picture Resizer

This Android photo resizer allows you to reduce the size of the photo and also change the picture resolution. You can use the resized pictures for Instagram, Facebook, web forms, emails, text messages, and more.

The application is free. However, you should expect to deal with ads showing on the application. After being installed on more than 10,000,000 devices, the Android photo resizer seems to be offering great results. The majority of the application users seem to be happy considering that the app has managed to retain a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 after being rated by over 116,000 people.

Photo & Picture Resizer Main Features

  • The application is 100% free.
  • The application allows for batch resize. If installed on a device running Android 4.4 and above, the application allows its user to resize multiple pictures.
  • Your original pictures will not be affected by the resize application.
  • The resized pictures feature good quality.
  • The app can resize a 2MB picture to 100 KB without messing the quality.

3.     Reduce Photo Size

To use this Android photo resizer, you will not require any special skills. All you will have to do is download the app, install it on your Android device, and then follow the onscreen instructions after launching the application.

When resizing your picture using Reduce Photo Size, you will not have to worry about the original picture quality. The Android photo resizer does not affect the original pictures. In fact, it stores the resized photos in a different location.

The application works on almost every Android device. You can install it on your device as long as it is running on Android 3.0 and above.

Reduce Photo Size Main Features

  • The app will not occupy a lot of space on your device. It is only 1.8 MB.
  • The app has managed to retain a 4.0 rating. This indicates that it does a high-quality job.
  • The application is extremely easy to use.
  • The app will not affect your original pictures.

4.     Resize Photo

This application does not just help you resize the photos you have on the Android device local storage. It makes it possible for you to resize the photos you have stored on a remote storage media, including Google Drive, Picassa, and more.

The Android photo resizer is made for people who need a custom resolution, ideal for YouTube or other social networking sites. Users are allowed to use either the predefined sizes or just enter their own custom values.

After using the application to resize the image, you will have the option to share it to your favorite social media network directly from the application. Additionally, you can share the image via MMS, and email.

On top of the application being small, it does its job pretty quickly. Once you launch the app on your Android device, all you will need to do is select the preferred picture > select or enter the resolutions > save or share the picture.

Resize Photo Main Features

  • The application is small. It will only occupy 2.3 MB on your Android device.
  • The resized picture will still have a good quality.
  • You can use the application to resize the pictures you have stored on a remote gallery.
  • Custom resolutions are available.
  • You will not affect the quality of the original image.
  • The application makes it extremely easy for you to share the resized image.

5.     PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

The fact that this Android Photo Resizer has managed to reach over 500 million installs means that it does its job well. After being reviewed by over 8.3 million users, the application has managed to maintain a 4.5-star rating out of 5.

When you install the application on your Android device, you will not just get a photo resizer. You will access a wide range of features, including drawing tools, camera, photo editor, and much more. The good thing about the application is that its free.

However, if you would like to access more advanced features, you may need to pay some money. For a nominal annual or monthly subscription fee, the application users get to access a wide range of premium content. A free trial is available for the premium content.

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor Main Features

  • The application features numerous photo editing features, including crop, cutouts, stretch, clone, add text, adjust curves, etc.
  • Using the tool to resize your pictures will not be complicated. After selecting Resize from the menu, you can go ahead and add your preferred width and height before tapping the RESIZE button.
  • The application features free stickers and even a sticker maker.
  • The application has an inbuilt camera function.
  • Drawing capabilities are incorporated into the application.

6.     Photo Resizer HD

This application makes it possible for you to resize more than just one picture. You can use the Android photo resizer application on almost all Android devices. The app works on any device running Android 2.3.3 and above.

If you are worried that the application may end up occupying a lot of space on your Android device, you should not. The application size is 2.4 MB. Just like the other Android photo resizer apps described above, this app does not require tech skills to use. You should complete the whole process of resizing the pictures within a couple of seconds.

Photo Resizer HD Main Features

  • You can batch-resize multiple pictures.
  • Photo editing features are available in the application. The features allow you to crop, flip the picture vertical or horizontal, and even rotate the picture.
  • You can sharpen the pictures after you resize them.
  • The app features configurable quality and size.
  • You can save the resized images to your SD card.
  • Sharing the resized images is extremely easy.

7.     Photos Resizer: Crop, Resize, Share Images in Batch

When using this application to reduce the picture’s size, you will not have to worry about damaging the picture quality. After selecting the size to which you would like to reduce your picture, the application will resize the image without affecting the quality.

The application has a batch feature. The batch feature makes it possible for you to resize more than 1 picture at the same time. After resizing the numerous images at the same time, you can share all the pictures directly from the application in the form of a zip file.

Photo Resizer Main Features

  • The application features a user-friendly interface.
  • You get to resize numerous pictures at the same time.
  • You can crop or resize pictures individually.
  • Your original pictures will not be affected.
  • Side by side photo comparison is available. You can compare your resized picture with the original one.
  • The resized pictures feature a great quality.
  • You can share numerous pictures after resizing them in a zip file.

8.     Best Photo Resizer

This Android photo resizer is ideal for people whose goal is to resize their pictures to match the requirements for their social media accounts. The application gives its users the ability to resize the images to the custom dimensions they prefer. Additionally, the application users are allowed to crop their images.

The application makes things easier for the users by allowing them to either select the picture they would like to resize from the gallery or to just take the picture directly using the camera. After resizing the photo, you will be asked whether you would like to keep the original picture or simply delete it. After resizing your picture, you can decide to either Share or simply save it.

Best Photo Resizer Main Features

  • You can use the application to take pictures and resize them directly.
  • You are allowed to choose whether you would like to keep the original picture or not.
  • You can use your own custom size or select a size that allows you to use the picture on your social media account.
  • For you to install the application, your device has to be running on Android 4.1 and above.

9. Photo Resizer and Converter

This application is recommended by Jennifer Schlette, founder of KitchenSubstitute. This tool makes it possible for its users to not only resize their pictures but to also convert multiple pictures. The application allows its users to even convert their pictures to the PDF format.

The application works offline. You will not need an internet connection to use the application. When we checked the application on Google Play Store, the application indicated that it does not have any Ads. This means that when resizing and converting your pictures, you will not have to deal with the often-invasive ADs.

Photo Resizer and Converter Main Features

  • The app does not feature any ADs or full screen banners.
  • You can select and resize multiple pictures.
  • You can convert your chosen images into PNG, JPEG, or PDF format.
  • The application works perfectly offline.
  • You can select a path for your resized images.
  • The application has a built-in file manager.
  • Using the application is extremely easy.
  • You can use the application both on your Android phone and tablet.


If you have been looking for an ideal Android photo resizer application, this article has the best applications available on the Google Play Store. All the applications available on this list should be able to do a good job. However, choosing the app to install on your Android device will be largely dependent on personal preference. After going through each application’s features, you should be able to figure out which app can cater to your needs.

The applications are all free. While some of them may feature in-app purchases, you will decide whether to upgrade or not after using the application.

Author: Raymond Lei

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