Sample Rate 14695 Recognized Garageband Error? Fix Easily Here!

GarageBand is a mind-blowing music app for Apple devices. Using GarageBand, you can record audio with outstanding sound quality. However, it happens when your GarageBand app stops capturing audio input from the microphone.

It might happen due to obvious reasons, and you’ll need to figure out those reasons and fix the issue. We’ll show how to eliminate the “sample rate 14695 recognized GarageBand” issue.

Part 1: What is the Sample Rate 14695 Recognized GarageBand

It is a common issue that urges many users to stop using GarageBand. When this issue occurs, you won’t be able to record audio on GarageBand.

If you’ve purchased a microphone with a low sample rate, it might be the reason behind the issue. Moreover, the incorrect audio interface can also cause the issue you’ve struggled with.

Another thing that might cause the frame rate issue on GarageBand is running multiple background applications. These apps can prevent GarageBand from recording the audio appropriately.

Part 2: How to Fix Sample Rate 14695 Recognized GarageBand

1. Use StarzSoft Fixcon to Fix Garageband Sample Rate Error

You can opt for Starzsoft Fixcon as it allows you to fix plenty of iOS device issues with minimal. One of the fascinating things about this tool is that it doesn’t pretend to be a heavy tool. Instead, it comes with a pretty light interface despite being a tool having a 100% success rate.

On top of that, StarzSoft Fixcon won’t cause data loss, meaning the iPhone you restore using this tool will maintain the data courtesy of Standard Repair Mode.

  • 1. After visiting Fixcon’s official website, all you need to do is download the software on your PC and install it afterward. Next up, you’ll need to launch the program to begin the proceedings.
  • 2. If you want to get rid of the iOS issue without losing any data, you’ll need to select “Standard Repair” Mode from the three options you’ll find on your screen.

    sample rate 14695 recognized garageband

  • 3. After looking for an ideal firmware package, you’ll need to get it downloaded by tapping the “Download” icon.
  • 4. You’ll need to complete the restoration process by hitting the Continue button in this phase. This process will hopefully fix the issue you were facing with GarageBand.

    garageband sample rate error

2. Check the Sample Rate of GarageBand

If you’re facing a “sample rate 14695 recognized GarageBand” issue, you’ll need to check the sample rate in the first place. Here’s how to do it.

  • 1. Launch Applications and then select the utility icon. Next, you’ll need to assess the sample rate settings after opening the Audio MIDI Setup utility.
  • 2. If the format is currently going at 2 channel 16-bit integer 44.1 kHz, you’ll need to alter settings. You’ll need to ensure that you’re using 1 channel for a microphone.
  • 3. Moreover, you’ll need to alter the bit depth from 24 or 32 to 16.
  • 4. In this phase, you’ll need to ensure that your input isn’t higher than 48000.

error trying to synchronize audio and midi garageband

3. Check and Use a Different USB Connection

You’ll need to ensure that your microphone is connected appropriately to your PC. If needed, you might use a new USB hub to see how it goes.

For instance, many people have claimed that the issue was solved after plugging their mic into a new USB audio interface. Moreover, if there is any compatibility issue with your GarageBand or mic, an audio interface device might help you fix the issue.

4. Close All the Background Apps to Try Again

You might face synchronization issues if your PC runs out of memory or the background applications slow the processing power.

Hence, background applications might also cause damage, and you’ll need to close the unnecessary background. For this, you’ll need to navigate to Apple Menu and then hit Force Quit.

Moreover, third-party apps might also cause the issue you’re facing as some apps might be waiting to use a mic, and as a result, GarageBand might struggle to capture audio input.

Hence, you’ll need to close the third-party applications when trying synchronized GarageBand with audio input.

5. Create a New User Account to Solve Error Trying to Synchronize Audio and Midi GarageBand

If the user profile got affected, you might face some major issues with your Mac. Hence, you’ll need to set up a new user profile and see whether it solves the “GarageBand sample rate error” issue. Here’s how to set up a new profile

  • 1. Navigate to “System Preferences” after hitting the Apple menu icon. Next up, you’ll need to hit the Users & Groups icon.
  • 2. Press Add icon and then choose the new account option. Now, you can create a new account after following the on-screen instructions.

error while trying to synchronize audio and midi garageband

6. Check and Get a New Mic

Despite trying a few things, if the issue you were having persists, you’ll need to check your microphone. Sometimes, your mic gets too for the macOS version and ends up causing the issue you’re facing.

Hence, it would help if you considered buying a new microphone and then tried connecting it to your Mac. If this also doesn’t fix your issue, you’ll need to try a few other things.

7. Check Syncing Settings to Fix Error While Trying to Synchronize Audio and Midi. GarageBand

You’ll need to check the GarageBand sync setting to ensure you don’t face the “sample rate 14695 recognized GarageBand” issue. After visiting the sync settings, you’ll need to disable the auto-sync facility to other applications that can generate MIDI clock MIDI timecode.

You’ll need to visit the Synchronization option after tapping Project Settings. Next, you’ll need to toggle the Auto Enable External Sync and Tap Tempo icon off.

Part 3: FAQs about GarageBand Sample Rate Error

1. Does GarageBand do 48khz?

Yes, you can record audio at 48 kHz on GarageBand, as you’ll only need to visit Utilities after navigating to Applications. Next up, you’ll need to select your microphone after entering into setup. Now, you can set the microphone at 48 kHz.

2. What bitrate does GarageBand record in?

When default, you can record 24-bit files on GarageBand. However, it can also record 16-bit files when using the unselected version.

However, it all depends upon the audio quality you’d like to maintain. Moreover, the audio’s quality will also depend upon your microphone.

3. Does GarageBand record 24 bit?

Many people ask whether GarageBand can record 24-bit. Although the audio quality is directly proportional to your MIC, the simple answer is yes. GarageBand tends to record the audio at 24-bit resolution by default.


You can fix the “sample rate 14695 recognized GarageBand” issue if you know the reasons that might be causing it. We’ve revealed the most effective methods that might help you fix the issue you’ve struggled with.

However, if you’re having an issue running GarageBand on your iPhone device, you might restore your iPhone via StarzSoft Fixcon. It is a splendid tool that can help you fix many iOS device issues.

Author: Hare Rainsun

Specialized in resolving iPhone/iPad/iPod touch issues for more than 10 years.