6 Simple Ways to Fix iPhone Proximity Sensor Not Working

Without a proximity sensor, we would unknowingly hang-up calls with our faces. That’s why it is frustrating when the proximity sensor of your iPhone is malfunctioning.

You can’t turn the proximity sensor off, so you must ensure it is working properly all the time. Most iPhone challenges are quickly resolved by restarting the phone, although this depends on the model of your phone.

Suppose, after restarting your iPhone, the proximity sensor is still not working. In that case, you may consider visiting StarzSoft Fixcon, which is known for its excellent services in fixing issues in all apple products from the comfort of your sofa.

This article will help you find a solution to your proximity sensor issue.

Why the iPhone Proximity Sensor Is Not Working

Several possible factors can make the proximity sensor of an iPhone malfunction. Some of the issues are as simple as the presence of dirt and dust on the proximity sensor.

When there are substances or accumulated dirt on the front of the screen, they can potentially obstruct the proximity sensor. Consequently, the phone cannot determine whether it is handheld or closer to the face when making a call.

The operating system of your iPhone could be malfunctioning. The proximity sensor, among other hardware on your iPhone, depends on the engine’s software. Technical issues in the iPhone’s operating system are reflected in the functioning of the hardware.

Sometimes, proximity sensors get damaged even where the iPhone’s operating system functions correctly. Also, physical damage on the screen could be causing the proximity sensor to malfunction.

How To Fix iPhone Proximity Sensor Issue

There are several ways to fix the proximity sensor issue when in the comfort of your home. Our goal is to help you find a long-lasting solution to this challenge.

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StarzSoft Fixcon provides outstanding services hence the reason we recommend them to you. With a few clicks, you will be able to fix the proximity sensor issue without using an expensive specialist.

fixcon home interface

You do not need to have prior knowledge of what could be affecting the proximity sensor. A simple file download will be enough to fix most of the technical issues your phone could have. It works for all iPhone models, and all your data will be safe during the repair process.

Clean your Screen

Dust and dirt could affect the functioning of the proximity sensor. A simple wipe of the upper part of the screen could be all you need to get the proximity sensor functioning again.

clean touch screen

You may consider getting a specialized liquid for cleaning electronics and screens. However, you could use a dry cloth to wipe all the dust or other accumulated dirt.

Remove the Protective Glass

Today, we go the extra mile to protect our phones from cracking when we accidentally drop them. Designers have come up with different screen protection glass models covering the whole screen. These screen protectors cover the area over the proximity sensors, and due to their density, they may affect the functioning of the sensor.

remove screen protector

If the sensor is still malfunctioning after wiping your screen, remove your screen-protecting glass gently to avoid damaging your phone. Many of the protective glasses on the market are easily fixed and removed, and you can handle them with no technical knowledge. If your proximity sensor is now working, consider finding a different type of protecting glass.

Update the Operating System

Your phone could be operating on outdated operating systems. The manufacturer has periodic operating system updates that fix bugs, introduce new features, and improve your phone system. To rule out software issues as the cause of the proximity sensor issue, let’s ensure your phone is running on the latest operating system.

Updating an operating system is a simple process that everyone can perform following simple instructions. 

Alternatively, You can go to Settings, tap General, tap Software Update, and then Download and Install to update your phone. You will need a sufficient battery and Wi-Fi to complete these steps effectively.

ios13 settings general software update

If the Screen is Cracked, Replace It

The proximity sensor is sensitive and could be affected by a broken screen. A broken screen may allow dirt, dust, and some debris to contact the proximity sensor. Check if there are any cracks on the upper parts near the location of the proximity sensor.

You will need the services of a professional to replace the broken screen. In some cases, you will need to visit the manufacturer’s service centers to avoid voiding your phone warranty. Contact the manufacturer for guidance on how your screen could be replaced without breaching the warranty terms when unsure how to proceed.

Find A New Proximity Sensor

Consider finding a new proximity sensor when you have exhausted all the other suggestions, and the proximity sensor is not working. You cannot turn a proximity sensor on or off, and you always have to find a solution when it is not working.

iphone proximity sensor

You can visit the manufacturer’s service shops for further details. When within the warranty period, the proximity sensor will be replaced for free if there are no signs of physical damage.

When sure of the warrant terms, you may visit a local repair shop and have a new proximity sensor fixed.


It is frustrating to have a faulty proximity sensor. While many reasons may cause proximity sensors to stop functioning, you can fix some of the challenges from the comfort of your home.

StarzSoft Fixcon is your run-to-place when your iPhone has any problem. In some cases, a simple restart of your phone will solve any issues with the proximity sensor.

While you can try most of the suggested solutions on your own, if you plan to have your phone opened to replace any part, you may need to contact your manufacturer to ensure your warranty is not voided. If you understand the warranty terms, you can visit a local store and have the proximity sensor checked.

Author: Barack James

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