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Nobody would appreciate having spyware installed on his or her iPhone. This would be a breach of your privacy. Whoever is controlling the spyware would have access to your private messages, pictures, emails, and much more. Some spyware tools are easy to detect. Others are not that easy to detect. In this case, installing anti spyware on iPhone would be a choice for many people.

It is always a good idea to stay safe. You can ensure that no one has the ability to install spyware on your iPhone by investing in good anti spyware for iPhone. In this article, we will show you the best anti spyware for iPhone. However, before we show you the anti spyware app for iPhone you should consider installing, let’s see if it is actually possible to install spyware on an iPhone.

Part 1: Can You Put Spyware on iPhone?

Apple does take its products very seriously. When compared to other smartphones, iPhones do feature advanced security features. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to install spyware on your iPhone. Below, we look at the 3 top spyware apps which can be used to monitor your iPhone:

Spyware Tools Which Require Jailbreaking

If your iPhone is not jailbroken, it may not allow the installation of applications which appear to be from compromised sources. However, if someone jailbreaks your iPhone, he or she will have the ability to install all types of applications on the iOS device.

This means that he/she can install spyware that works in the background. If the spyware is properly coded, it can collect your private information and share it with third-parties without you noticing. Poorly coded spyware tools often cause peculiar behavior. This makes them much easier to notice.

iCloud Backup Spyware Tools

If someone has access to your iCloud login credentials (Apple ID and Password), he or she may not need to jailbreak your iPhone to install a spyware tool. He/she can simply use an iPhone spyware tool that works with iCloud.

By accessing your iCloud backup via the spy tool, the individual who has your login credentials will have the ability to view your messages, call logs, WhatsApp history, and more. Since no application will be installed on your iPhone, knowing whether someone is monitoring your iPhone can be tough.

If you feel like someone is monitoring you via iCloud, the best solution you can use is to change your iCloud account password or enable the 2-step authentication. Below, we show you how to do this.

How to Change the iCloud Password

Step 1: On iOS 10.3 and above, open Settings > [your name] > Password & Security. On iOS 10.2 and below, open Settings > iCloud > tap Apple ID > Click Password & Security.

Step 2: Tap Change Password.

Step 3: Enter your current password or iPhone passcode and then enter the new password and confirm it. Tap Change Password or Change. Changing your password will deny the spyware access to iCloud.

How to Enable the 2-Factor Authentication

Step 1: This step will vary for iOS 10.3 & Above and iOS 10.2 & Earlier

On iOS 10.3 & Above:

  • Open Settings >

[your name]

> Password & Security.

  • Toggle on Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Click Continue.

On iOS 10.2 & Earlier:

  • Visit Settings > iCloud.
  • Click Apple ID > Password & Security.
  • Toggle on Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Tap Continue.

Step 2: Enter your trusted phone number and verify it.

The 2-factor authentication will create an additional security layer which should make it impossible for people to spy on your iPhone. This is because before they sign in, they will need the special codes sent to your phone number.

Spyware Tools Which Can Be Installed Without Jailbreaking the iDevice (Masque Attack)

The Masque attack refers to the situation where the spyware developers use their knowledge of iDevice applications to create a slightly modified app that can be installed on your iPhone without the jailbreak. What the developers do is that they replace an official Apple application with a slightly modified version of the app which contains spy code capable of capturing and transmitting private data.

Unlike spyware which works on jailbroken devices, this method of spyware installation may not work on most iPhones. Apple did release a security patch in iOS 8.4 which stops the installation of slightly modified spyware tools on iPhones.

Part 2: How to Detect and Remove Spyware on iPhone?

If you are worried that someone might be monitoring your iPhone, you would want to know how to detect spyware on iPhone. There are some signs which can tell you that someone has access to your private iPhone data. However, it is worth noting that these signs may not be for all spyware tools.

As mentioned earlier on, well-coded iPhone spyware may work in the background without showing any abnormal behavior. Also, spyware tools which access private data via iCloud won’t display any unusual behaviors. To learn how to detect spyware on iPhone, check the following signs:

1.    Unexplained Data Usage

If spyware is installed on your iPhone, it will work by collecting your private information and then sending this information to the individual behind the spying. The spyware will use your data to send the private information it has already collected. If you notice a sudden increase in data consumption, there is a very high likelihood that someone could be observing what you are doing on your iPhone behind the scenes.

2.    The iPhone Becomes Unexceptionally Hot

When you are using your iPhone, it is normal for it to heat up. However, if it is heating even when you are not using it, there is a chance that someone could have installed spyware on the iPhone. The spyware could be causing the device to heat up.

3.    Background Noise

If when you are talking to your friends over the phone you hear some background noises, there is a very high likelihood that someone is tapping your call. Background noise is a very distinct quality displayed by phone tapping spyware tools.

4.    The Cydia Application

As mentioned earlier on, most spyware tools will require your iPhone to be jailbroken for them to be installed. If you find the Cydia app on your iPhone, this means that your iPhone is jailbroken. If you cannot recall jailbreaking the device, there is a very high likelihood that someone else did jailbreak the iPhone and install spyware.

5.    Peculiar Text Messages

Most spy apps are designed to control your iPhone remotely via encrypted messages and commands. If the spy application is properly coded, the messages may not be visible. However, for poorly coded spyware, you may be able to see the messages. If you are seeing messages which do not make any sense on your iPhone, there is a chance that someone could be monitoring your iPhone usage.

6.    The Battery Starts Running Down Quickly

If all of sudden your device battery starts failing to retain the charge for a long time, there is a very high likelihood that the iPhone is working even when you are not using it. The spyware tool could be operating in the background and hence using the battery power.

7.    Abnormal Behavior

If your device starts behaving in peculiar ways, there is a chance that someone has already accessed the device and installed spyware. Examples of peculiar behaviors to watch out for include, the screen lighting up suddenly even when you are not using it or the device’s screen remaining on after shutting it down.

Part 3: Best Antispyware for iPhone in 2019

If you have already observed the above signs on your iPhone, someone could have installed spyware on your device. Installing anti spyware for iPhone on the device can help you confirm whether you are being monitored or not. If you haven’t noticed the above signs, installing an anti spyware app for iPhone is still a good idea because the app will keep you safe. Below, we have outlined the best anti spyware for iPhone.

1.    iAmNotified

Once you install this anti spyware for iPhone on your iDevice, it will act as a watchdog. It will alert you every time a third-party entity accesses your iPhone. The tool also notifies others that your iPhone is being monitored. This discourages any malicious access.

The application is extremely easy to use. After installing it, all you will have to do is launch the app and then leave it running in the background. The tool features numerous lock screen customizations, including famous citations, custom messages, lucky lottery numbers, fake stock exchange alert, etc.

2.    Avira Mobile Security

This anti spyware app for iPhone features numerous antispyware and anti-theft features. Some of the anti-theft features available on the application include phone locator and trigger siren. The app protects you from websites which specialize in phishing. The tool has various smart reporting tools. Its identity guard will notify you if your email gets leaked.

3.    Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone

This app is among the best anti spyware for iPhone. It allows you to secure and also protect your private data. Its features are designed to ensure advanced cybersecurity. The tool has advanced anti-theft features, including a powerful security alarm.

It features a secure vault where you can hide your sensitive data, including private photos and other files. You can use its dedicated safe browser. The safe browser is capable of blocking dangerous websites and ads. Its advanced security VPN ensures that your information is protected when you are browsing.

4.    Lookout

This anti spyware app for iPhone does more than just protecting you from spyware tools. It also has anti-theft features. The tool has the ability to keep your information protected via its numerous anti-spyware features. The tool has safe Wi-Fi features which protect your data from a wide range of Wi-Fi attacks. The tool’s System Advisor alerts you whenever you have an outdated system on your iPhone.

The tool has a locate and scream feature which makes it extremely easy for you to find your iPhone if you happen to lose it. The signal flare feature allows you to save the device’s location automatically if its battery is running low.

5.    McAfee Mobile Security

This is one of the most popular anti-spyware tools. It is available for various operating systems, including iOS and Android. The app has all the features you would need to ensure that no one can access your private data.

The tool scans your device regularly to detect out-of-date applications, rogue access points, potential Wi-Fi attacks, and even unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. The app does have safe web alerts which will protect you from spoofing and fishing. The tool’s advanced features include Thief Cam, Find Device, Contacts Backup, and Media Vault.


If you don’t want someone to access the private data you have on your iPhone, investing in anti spyware for iPhone is a good idea. The best anti spyware for iPhone will help ensure that your iPhone data is safe. In this article, we have shown you the anti spyware app for iPhone you can use.

It is important to note that some spyware may monitor your iPhone without you realizing that you are being spied on. If you suspect that your device is being monitored, it is crucial that you take all the necessary steps to ensure that no one has access to your private data.

Author: Raymond Lei

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