PDF Suite In-Depth Review 2021

PDF Suite is one of the more popular PDF services available on the market. A good PDF system makes it easy for you to interact with PDFs in various ways. Since the PDF is one of the more popular file types and is gaining notoriety for its usefulness in the technology age, owning a system like PDF suite can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you want to add to your PDF or modify it, you will need a system that enables you to do so. In this article, we are going to discuss PDF Suite and a competitor called PDF WIZ so that you can make an educated decision when it comes to downloading a favorable PDF product.

PDF Suite: Is It Worth Trying?

PDF Suite is known for hosting a wide variety of features that make it a beneficial tool for those who are looking to interact with a PDF file. When it comes to choosing a good system, you want to make sure that the program you choose can easily meet your needs in a simple way. Many people want to edit and convert PDF files, which PDF Suite offers.

  PDF Suite Standard PDF Suite Professional PDF Suite Pro+OCR
Price $29.95 $44.95 $64.95
Open and view PDFs right right right
Create and Edit PDFs right right right
Convert PDF to Word™ and Excel™ right right right
Create and fill forms right right right
Secure PDFs with 256-bit encryption right right right
OCR right right right

1 PDF Suite Pros

Read and Markup

PDF Suite makes it easy to read and markup PDFs in no time at all. You can enjoy using this system to seamlessly view and write on your PDFs using tools within the system. Whatever your needs are here, PDF Suite can handle it. This is great for revisions and providing feedback on content.

Edit and Secure

The benefit to PDFs is that they cannot be easily altered, but sometimes you really do need to change them. With PDF Suite, you can easily spend time editing your PDF so that it always reflects the right information. Further, you can secure the PDF so that it cannot be altered at a later time. This is great for people who are looking to have complete control over their PDF files.

Fill In and Create PDF Forms

PDF forms are quickly becoming common in the legal space. These amazing forms make it possible for you to add information to a form without subjecting anyone to your horrible handwriting. With this system, you can easily fill out PDF forms as you receive them. More importantly, you can easily create your very own PDF forms for you or others to fill out. This is a convenient feature to have and one of the major benefits when it comes to paying for an actual PDF system.

Create and Convert PDFs

Creating and converting PDFs to other file types has never been easier. This system makes it easy for you to work with any file type that you need to.

2 PDF Suite Cons

No Support for MAC or Mobile

Many people work on Apple computers or on tablets, which is what makes this such a serious drawback for most people. PDF suite is only able to work on a PC, which means a significant amount of people can’t even use this system. Considering how many people use Apple and mobile products, PDF Suite quite simply might not be the right fit.

The Activation Code is Computer Specific

In a world where we are all so used to using systems that are cloud-based in nature, having a system that can’t be transferred is a major setback. Since the activation code is specific to your device, you can’t reuse it. While this might not seem like a problem right now, it certainly would be in the event that you were to lose your computer, or if something were to happen to it.

Online Conversion is Not Supported

In most cases, everything runs online. PDF Suite, however, does not support online conversion. This is a common feature that the majority of other comparable products do support with ease.

Best Alternative to PDF Suite: PDF WIZ

PDF WIZ is a system that rivals PDF Suite in every way and has a few additional benefits. Finding a good PDF editing software can be difficult, but PDF WIZ makes it an easy choice for you. It offers everything that PDF Suite does, and is happy to give you a few extras too.

Read and Markup

Unlike PDF Suite, PDF WIZ is a completely free system. This means that you are able to download and try this amazing bit of software without spending any money on something that might not suit your needs. PDF WIZ is a worry-free investment that can bring you a lot of perks in the long run.

It Is Totally Secure

Some other PDF management systems have gotten in trouble for compromising information, but with PDF WIZ, you never have to worry. This system is completely secure and makes it easy for you to focus on managing your PDFs with ease!

No Limit for File Size

While some of the other popular PDF systems are known to limit or restrict by file size, PDF WIZ never will. You can work on files of any size without fear of having to break up the file or pay money on a service that was promised for free.


PDF Suite is a great system that can more than suit your needs, but the benefits and $0 price tag of PDF WIZ makes it a much better alternative. When it comes to trying out a quality PDF system, the majority come with a price tag and a higher risk. With PDF WIZ, you can feel confident in your decision because no matter what, it works out for you in the end. This up and coming system is something that was designed with users in mind to make it easier to interact with this incredibly common file type. The days of paid gatekeeping for PDF management are over!

Author: Judy Li

A tech editor from Starzsoft.com with 10 years' experience in technology blog writing.