Can You Play Animal Crossing on PC? Yes and Here’s How!!

As the people who love animal crossing games keep on playing this game on their phones. This may stop them from performing other phone activities such as talking to their near and their ones and attending necessary phone calls. Due to this reason, you should learn whether or not you can play animal crossing on PC. We have found authentic ways. Read on this article to know what is animal crossing and how to play it on PC.

What is Animal Crossing?

Nintendo created a stunning game called Animal Crossing. It’s a lot easier than it seems to play this game. The game’s controls are straightforward, and playing it doesn’t require any specific expertise or abilities.

Playing Animal Crossing on one device all the time might get tiresome for experienced gamers. We’ll talk about how to play Animal Crossing on PC in this article. Mentioning again, we looked into it and discovered two simple methods. While the second uses a PC screen mirror, the first uses an emulator.

Can You Play Animal Crossing on PC?

Yes, you can. Here’s how to play animal crossing on PC.

1. Use An Emulator

A tiny display is provided by Nintendo Switch Emulator though it is one of the ways to play animal crossing on PC. So, using the Nintendo Switch emulator is one way to play the same game on your PC. This emulator also works with Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing may be played on a PC by utilizing the Nintendo Switch emulator. Let’s look at each stage in more detail:

  • 1. Download and extract the Nintendo emulator.
  • 2. To launch the emulator, open the extracted folder and choose Ryujinx.exe.
  • 3. After that, to play the game, add it to the emulator’s library. The Ryujinx folder and System Folder can be found by using the file menu.
  • 4. Restart the emulator after dragging and dropping the Prod. Keys files.
  • 5. Install the firmware after opening the tools.
  • 6. Finally, choose Browse and include the game.

can you play animal crossing on pc

2. Mirror and Control the Android Version of Animal Crossing on PC

The second option is mirroring the Android device on PC which is easily achievable if you have this game in your phone and the right mirroring device. Here we have discussed both things. So stick around.

With the help of the programme StarzMirror, you may utilize a mouse and keyboard to play your favorite PC games while your screen is being mirrored. As a result, gamers favor Starzmirror over other services.

When the screen is shared, it delivers the most fantastic video quality, with no distortion or speed difficulties. Both Android and iOS mobile devices can use this app.

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  • 1. Download and install StarzMirror to your PC and Android phone.
  • 2. Open StarzMirror, select “Android (USB),” and then adhere to the on-screen instructions to download the StarzMirror app to your phone.

    can you get animal crossing on pc

  • 3. Once you have installed the Starzmirror application, you will see a QR code that you will have to scan. After the successful scanning, you will see that the mirroring process has started.

    how to play animal crossing on pc

  • 4. Now you will be able to realize that you have successfully mirrored the screen.

FAQs about Animal Crossing

Can I play animal crossing online?

In the game Animal Crossing, players create a character by dancing with animals and creating a bond between themselves and them. However, not many people know that the game can be played online. If you want to play Animal Crossing online, you must have an internet connection.

Can you play animal crossing on PC without a switch?

Unfortunately, New Horizons requires a Nintendo Switch in order to play. However, you may mirror it on PC if you want to dip your toes into Animal Crossing. So yes you can play Animal Crossing on PC even without a switch and this is something many players do not know.

Is animal crossing free?

There are in-app purchases available, although this game is initially free. If you are a beginner, you can start playing this game entirely for free. Playing Animal Crossing requires an internet connection. Animal Crossing’s free Pocket Camp app is accessible on iOS and Android.

Is Animal Crossing available on Steam?

Yes, previously animal crossing was not available on Steam but now you can easily access it on Steam. Animal Crossing had been released on other platforms such as Nintendo’s Wii and Gameboy Advance but now we have this amazing game for the PC that is accessible on Steam.

Are there any games like animal crossing on pc?

Animal Crossing is a strategy game where players decide how to interact with the villagers and the town, with their own designs and styles. Other similar games on PC include The Sims, Seed of Rage and Super Mario World. Moreover, the animal crossing game itself has many versions, some are free while some have in-app purchases.


Animal Crossing is an award-winning game developed by Nintendo. The game follows the adventures of a young boy named Tom Nook who moves to a new town, and decides to open a house restaurant. The game was released on Nintendo, and has since sold over 13 million copies worldwide.

Despite its success, there have been several complaints about the difficulty of Animal Crossing. And many people still do not know how to play Animal Crossing on PC. This is a super in-depth guide on how to achieve this.

Using StarzMirror is a great solution if you want to mirror animal crossing on your PC because it will help you to do so within a few minutes. Moreover, it is a simpler and faster process as compared to using an emulator.

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