How to Play Phone (iOS/Android) Game on PC? [Solved]

Phone game is popular worldwide. Due to its addictive nature, the phone games have attracted many people as it has incredible leagues and many classic modes of the game.

Games had their versions for different operating systems such as windows, android, and IOS at the time of release. In 2017 the phone game version for windows was shut down by the EA and hence making the PC users switch to the android and iOS versions of the game.

However, playing phone game game on PC using the Windows operating system was more interesting than on other devices.

Why Play Phone Game on PC

Let’s take the FIFA game as an example.

This is gameplay that involves choosing the team of your choice. You can select your preferred country’s national team or even a club. After choosing a football team, you play it against the gameplay modes provided.

By paying for the game, you will stand a chance of winning the prized easy-to-play championship crowns. The game software also enables you to choose your most liked players in the top leagues in Europe. The top leagues include the Bundesliga, Laliga, Seria, etc. The most fantastic thing about the team selection is that you will also get the jerseys and crest of the team you selected.

There are over 650 competitions you can participate in after choosing your team. Your victory in the competitions will enable you to be awarded tokens which you will use to make the new signing of better players. The outstanding performance you will show in your play will also enable you to unlock new players and add them to your team.

By signing new players and unlocking new players, you will be able to build up your team and make it much stronger. When you have a strong team, you will stand a chance of earning many awards and have greater rankings.

How to Play Phone Game on PC

The easiest way to play phone game game on your PC is by screen mirroring. This involves displaying your mobile screen on your PC, which can be made quite simple by using the StarzMirror.

Even though there are other available apps you can use, many PC users prefer the StarzMirror. It offers the best and more efficient screen mirroring that is much more reliable.

Some of the advantages of playing the game on your PC include; easy control of the characters using a mouse and keyboard, reduced lag, and most support for many android devices.

Therefore, it’s essential to look at how to mirror your mobile phone screen to a PC using this app.

How to Use StarzMirror

To mirror your mobile phone screen to a PC screen using the StarzMirror, is very simple if you follow the steps illustrated below.

These are easy to follow and simplified therefore, you will not worry searching for an expert for assistance. The steps include;

Step one; Download the StarzMirror software version for windows and install it on your Pc. The download of the application is simple and easy therefore will not take much of your time.

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Ensure you download the latest updated version of the app to experience its new amazing features when it.

Step two: Using a USB cable type compatible with your phone and computer, connect the PC and phone by the USB cable and transfer all the files to your phone.

Most digital smartphones always use the type A and type C USB cables.

However, the type C cable is always the best as it is faster in transfer of data and also easy to connect. On the other hand, the computer is compatible to all the types of USB cables available.

file transfer

Step three: Open ‘settings” in your phone, then move to “about the phone,” then to “software information,” then finally click “build number” ensure you click the build number up to 7 times. (You can consider counting the number of times to be more accurate as it is a determinant factor in making the connection.)

enable xiaomi developer mode

Because this is the key step in making the connection, you need to take more time and be more attentive when making the setting before moving to the next step.

Step four: Return to the homepage again. Click “Settings,” then move to “Developer option,” then click on the “USB debugging” to turn it on, there will be a small window that will pop on the screen of your phone with some request information you need to confirm.

turn on developer options

You can click “ok” in the small popped window to confirm the request.

Step five: Press “turn on” for the app to display its components on top. This will enable all the app files to download on the phone automatically.


This will also secure the connection between your phone and the computer. Therefore, you will be able to view your phones screen mirrored on your PC screen when you successfully follow this step.

mirror android to pc successfully

Step six: Using your mouse and keyboard, you can perfectly enjoy the game on your computer as the connection is now entirely done.

game keyboard

If your mirroring is unsuccessful, you can repeat the steps until you get connected. You can also consider inviting a collogues or freed for assistance if your numerous attempts are unsuccessful.

Note that different smartphones have different ways in which their software settings are arranged and presented, therefore, you need to understand your phones software system effectively.


Playing the phone game game on your personal computer gives you the most exciting game experience you will immensely enjoy. Your computer screen will offer you a more excellent visual experience that will enable you a clear view of all the game characters. This makes the game more exciting and more accessible.

On the other hand, the StarzMirror app makes work easy for you when mirroring your phone’s screen to the computer to get you connected to the game on Pc. Therefore, you can follow the simple steps to connect and enjoy the exciting game on your computer.

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