How to Use Snapchat on PC with/without Emulator?

We all know that Snapchat is a very popular social network for young people. If you don’t know it, we tell you that it is a platform where you can register for free and thus have fun making photo effects and using its various filters, which will make your photos more unique, while you share them with your friends and the community in general. We invite you to try it and try it together with your friends.

If after trying it out that you like it, you will surely want to use Snapchat from your PC as well, so today we will show you how you can do it.

How to Use Snapchat on PC with Emulator?

Although Snapchat is an application compatible with IOS, Android, and Smartphone systems; it is possible to enjoy its communicational advantages from the PC, but always with the help of emulator software, the procedure is simple and fast; you don’t need to do complicated things to the settings to the mouse, keyboard of your computer, because everything is an automatic process.


Installing Snapchat on your computer is easy and simple, just follow the instructions below to the letter:

Step 1. First, the use of an emulator is necessary; if you can’t get it, then you can download it for free using google browser or another browser you like. What you should do is look for the official page of the emulator, it can be MEMU Play or the most used, BlueStacks and click on download, then run it, accept all its conditions, and indicate where you will install the emulator (preferably in Local Disk C); select the language and finally click on install.

Step 2. Once you install the emulator of your choice, restart the computer so that the emulator has better performance and does not work slowly.

Step 3. Next, enter your google account, or if you don’t have one, create it (if you don’t have an account) and sign in

Step 4. From the Google app store, search for the app (Snapchat) and now proceed to download it.

Step 5. Then, click on the open button, after its installation and that’s it; although if you wish you can also restart the computer to ensure that it works optimally; You will immediately notice that the interface is the same as your cell phone.

How to Use Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks?

Snapchat is an application used on both Android and iOS systems, which can also be used on PC. You may be thinking that Bluestacks will help you to get Snapchat on your PC, but here you are wrong.

Now, it is possible to get the app i.e. Snapchat on your computer without Bluestacks. Yes, that is correct. Here we are going to tell you some of the programs that you can try to use to get Snapchat on PC:

#1. StarzMirror

The top solution is to use StarzMirror. It allows you to mirror your phone screen to yout PC and control your Snapchat app on your PC.

The steps to use Snapchat on PC with StarzMirror is very easy.

Step 1. first you need to download & install StarzMirror on your PC.

Free DownloadSecure Download

Step 2. Then connect your phone to your PC and click on Mirror.


Step 3. Finally, you’ll be able to controal your Snapchat app on your PC.

mirror android to pc successfully

#2. Nox App Player

nox app player

It is another Android emulator, it works much better for Android apps like Snapchat to run on PC apart from Bluestacks. You won’t need to download Snapchat on PC separately; This emulator has a built-in store through which you can download it without any problem.

#3. KOPlayer


The next Android program to run Snapchat is KOPlayer. This emulator runs from games and other resource-intensive applications from the comfort of your Windows PC.

#4. Remix OS Player

remix os player

Here comes one that allows you Android apps to run on PC. This emulator will help you to know how to get Snapchat on a PC without bluestacks. This emulator runs Android 6.0 apps on Windows 7 or the latest version of Windows.

#5. ARC Welder

This simulator is quite different from the others. Users think about how to get Snapchat on their computer without bluestacks, so they just open a chrome browser and log in through it.

This is a plugin that helps to test APK files without using any emulator. You can add this plugin to Chrome to use Snapchat.

How to use it on your PC?

If you had this application installed on your mobile, you will have no problem adapting to it on your PC, since most of the tools can be activated from there, with some exceptions that we will explain later; but do not worry, the application will work in the same way.

Since we take into account that you may be starting in this world, we are going to help you step by step, follow these steps:

Step 1. Once you open the app, create an account and enter a username and create a password that you won’t forget.

Step 2. Then, click on the button to log in.

Step 3. Finally, you will be inside the application, where you will have access to various functions: chats between contacts or friends, reply to messages, or see your friends’ photos with filters, as well as view stories and other images of your contacts.

How to Download Snapchat Filters from PC?

You may be wondering how can I use filters from Snapchat? Well, when installing Snapchat on the PC, it means that you cannot use some of the options, such as taking photos and recording videos, just as you would from your cell phone, since the PC application has that limitation.

However, the technology always helps to solve; so we will show you some recommendations so that you can use the photo filters in Snapchat from PC:

Step 1. To use the camera, and take pictures and selfies (of course, you must have a webcam), you can download free applications from the Google store, to enable this option; one recommendation is MINECRAFT.

Step 2. Once you install it, you will have access to all filters linked to images.

Step 3. To save your photos, before sending them, click so that you can activate the home screen, then click the gear icon, which is located in the corner of the screen; So you will open the settings menu, click on memories, then on save to and finally on just the reel.


To close, if at any time you lose your cell phone, it gets damaged or you don’t have enough memory, you won’t have any problems, because now you know how you can use Snapchat from your PC.

If you are not convinced by this social network, you can always delete it or cancel your Snapchat account without any problem.

We hope you have a great time with your friends from the comfort of your home from your computer.

Author: Barack James

Barack James is highly concentrated and accomplished on the topics of technology!