How to Play Mobile Games on PC with/without Emulator

Mobile games is an arcade game produced by Nintendo company limited. It can now be played on your Pc or even on big screens, making it more suitable for the new generation.

The game setup revolves around trying to save a princess who the browser has imprisoned. Mobile game provides several simple yet complex and has up-to-date features that give extra ease and are thrilling as you embark on the quest to save the princess.

How to Play Mobile Game on Your PC without Emulator

Playing Mobile game on mobile phones is enjoyable, but it does not give you better graphics, and features like your pc does.

PC provides much clearer and enhanced visuals as you play Mobile game, and it helps you manage your player in a better way. With a PC, you can play the game and perform other tasks, plus you can improve the specs when playing to have a fantastic experience playing Mobile game.

Here are ways you can enjoy playing Mobile game on your personal computer:

Through StarzMirror

This screen mirror application replicates your phone screen over the personal computer. The pro of using this application is that it helps you avoid following complex procedures when playing on your pc.

StarzMirror works perfectly on android and windows gadgets. It has an accessible interface full of exquisite features, making it a top mirror screening application. The application comes in several features, which include:

starzmirror ip address

Instinctive design: It has an interface that is not complicated, making mirror screening an easy task that makes it suitable for anyone; it does not matter whether you have the skills to mirror apps.

Exceptional controls: It gives you exceptional control of the game when playing using your keyboard and state-of-the-art settings you can customize yourself.

Many views on your screen: To better your experience when playing Mobile game, you can adjust the view to full screen or make your window have a zoomed size, plus you can use it with other applications.

Control your social media application while playing without any lags or delays.This will support your performance by the fact that their is no time eaten up by delays.

How to Use StarzMirror to Play Mobile Game

Step 1. Download the StarzMirror software on the personal computer and launch it

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Step 2. Connect your phone and pc using a USB cord, then go to the option for transferring files

file transfer

Step 3. After going to your settings on the pc, select the about my phone option, then go to software information, where you will get the developer option, then click on build number seven times.

turn on developer options

Step 4. Allow this application to mirror your mobile gadget, then turn it on, and the app will be visible on the personal computer.

mirror android to pc successfully

Step 5. Install Mobile game from the google play store and begin playing the game on your PC. You should check to ensure that the website you are using is safe.

How to Play Mobile Game with Emulator

If you are searching for the perfect android emulator to play Mobile game, then Bluestacks is the best.

It has up-to-date features accessible on your Mac OS it is completely friendly to the user. The most recent version of Bluestacks is six times faster and has no issues when loading.

It is endowed with the features below:

  • Great control when gaming which comes with the option to either zoom in or out.
  • It offers a script guide, allowing it to carry out a set of actions by combining them with just one key.
  • Strong translation, which gives you the ability to choose your preferred language
  • Every second, a perfect frame provides an influential FPS to bring down your enemy without hesitation. It makes you ever ready to deal with your opponents when they attack.
  • Preplanned controls that provide incredible control in the game improve your skills in aiming since you can play with a mouse or a keyboard plus, it also allows you to customize your controls and manage your player with ease.

How to Pay Mobile Game on Bluestacks

Step 1. Install the Bluestacks version that you prefer according to the requirements of their actual website

Step 2. Please stick to the instructions on downloading an emulator, then open it after complete installation.

Step 3. It will take a couple of minutes for the software to finish installing, but you will see the application on your home screen after it is done.

Step 4. Inside the software, a play store is already installed; open it through your home page.

Step 5. Look for Mobile game using the search space and click install to download it, and it will be available on your pc instantly. Mobile game will be accessible on the installed applications list.

Step 6. Select Bluestacks on the game icon, and you will have your game on your personal screen. You can now play Mobile game as you do on your apple or android phone.

Key Things to Note About Mobile Game on PC

This game is free to install only for the three starting levels: Kingdom rally, toad rally, and world tour. However, you need to pay a specific amount to play the whole game.

You can only play Mobile game online on your personal computer since it doesn’t allow you to play offline. When you want to connect to your Nintendo account, registration is free, and if you have an existing account, all you need to do is go to the menu and select the link option.

If you had previously linked your account to another older device, all you have to do is visit my Nintendo online, and you will have the menu button on display.

Mobile game is an incredible game that has existed for a couple of years and that every generation enjoys. You can play the game on your PC through emulators or StarzMirror.

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You do not even need to be an expert to get Mobile game on your PC since you only need to follow the steps carefully. Get this game on your PC and enjoy greater player control, better aim and a fantastic gaming experience.

Author: Barack James

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