[Windows] How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 /7 Plus iOS 15

Have you ever wondered about how to jailbreak an iPhone 7 device? If this is a question you have been asking, don’t worry.

how to jailbreak an iphone 7

Today, we’re here to give you a little more information on what the jailbreaking process is, how and why it works, and the most crucial things you should know before attempting to jailbreak your iPhone 7 device to ensure the process doesn’t cause any unwanted complications overall.

4 Common Questions About Jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad

Still, have questions about jailbreaking your iPhone 7 device? The following FAQs may help answer your concerns overall.

Q1. Can Jailbreaking Brick My iPhone?

If your iPhone disconnects during the jailbreaking process, or if you use a faulty jailbreaking tool, your iPhone could get bricked and so you would be permanently locked out.

Instead, a better solution is to choose a well-reputed and tested unlocking tool that offers high success rates, with StarzSoft KeyPass (which offers an over 98% success rate!)

Q2. Is Jailbreaking My iPhone Legal?

While Apple publicly disapproves of jailbreaking, it’s not actually illegal (in most countries – check the specific laws for your country to be sure) to jailbreak your iPhone.

However, there are two common restrictions: you must never use jailbreaking on a stolen iPhone (nor should you ever possess a stolen iPhone), and you cannot use jailbreaking with illegal or illegally-sourced software.

Q3. Does Jailbreaking Void my iPhone’s Warranty?

Unless your contract has specific exclusions for this rule, manufacturers are often understandably unwilling to continue your iPhone’s warranty once you have jailbroken it, since the device will now be running software that’s not specifically approved by Apple.

However, your warranty may not cover all errors, and if your iPhone is outside of the warranty period, jailbreaking may be an option to consider.

Q4. What Tools in the Market Can Jailbreak iPhone 13 Running iOS 15

We’ve been focusing on iPhone 7 models for this article, but the StarzSoft KeyPass tool is also effective for jailbreaking your iPhone 5s – iPhone X. However, iOS 15 has added even more limitations, so if your device is running iOS 15 you may need to wait before you can jailbreak your device,

Part1. What is Jailbreaking and Bypassing Activation Locks?

There are numerous substantial and influential reasons why you might choose to jailbreak your iPhone 7 device. However, before we can look at how to jailbreak an iPhone 7 device, it’s crucial to outline what this process is and why it works to bypass activation locks on your iPhone.

So, what is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of working around an electronic device’s coding in order to install new software on the device itself, thereby giving the device owner full control over the operating systems and features.

The term is typically coined for iPhone devices, such as the iPhone 7, as it’s common for iPhones to be incredibly “locked down” in comparison to other devices; however, it’s also possible to use jailbreaking for other types of devices too if needed. For example, Android devices are also often used with jailbreaking processes to keep them working effectively.

1. Why Try to Do Jailbreaking iPhone?

Why should you consider jailbreaking for your iPhone 7 device if you’re struggling to gain access to your device?

Since the iPhone 7 typically has such stringent restrictions in place, it’s often the case that jailbreaking is one of the most effective ways to install non-approved software onto your iPhone device.

But it should be considered that there could be the potential for jailbreaking to harm your device if you were to install ineffective, or even dangerous, software onto your iPhone.

The manual process of jailbreaking can be incredibly longwinded and complicated. However, the rise of new iPhone unlocking and activation lock bypassing tools ensures that as many people as possible can regain access to their iPhone devices, when necessary.

However, Apple publicly disapproves of jailbreaking, since it involves software that’s not their own; as such, they don’t make it easy for their iPhone users to jailbreak iOS devices.

2. The Two Types of Jailbreaks You Should Know

At this point, we need to briefly mention the two most prominent types of jailbreaks that you should know:

These include tethered jailbreaks (which rely on computer access) and untethered jailbreaks (which do not have to be connected to a computer to carry out the jailbreak, as all jailbreaking software is included on the phone).

Part2. Key Things You Should Know Before Jailbreaking your iPhone 7 Device

Before you attempt to jailbreak your iPhone 7 device, we highly recommend that you consider the following points to choose a safe and reliable strategy for your own device.

1. Always Check your iOS Version and Device Model

Before attempting to solve how to jailbreak iPhone 7, you should start by checking your iOS version and device model;

This is since unlocking the most recent iOS versions is incredibly difficult. Fortunately, though, so long as your device is running iOS 14.8 or earlier, you’ll be unable to jailbreak your phone using standard methods. If your iPhone 7 is running iOS 15, it could be a while before appropriate tools are developed to jailbreak these systems.

If your iPhone is running iOS 15, it is actually possible to downgrade your iOS by heading to settings > general > about to find the device model number and software version;

Then, you may be able to use online tools to downgrade your device. However, we recommend extreme caution with this, as any tools downloaded from the internet come with the potential risk of viruses and malware.

2. Back-Up Any Data on your iPhone 7 Device

So, you’ve checked and you’re confident that your iPhone is running a suitable iOS version.

The next step now is to ensure you’ve backed up all data on your iPhone 7 device, as this will be wiped during the iPhone unlocking process.

Fortunately, this is very simple; just head to settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud backup to save all of your information onto your iCloud account. You can then redownload this information after the jailbreak has been completed restoring all data to your device.

3. Make Sure All USBs are Working Effectively

As a final tip here, we highly recommend that you check all USB cables are working effectively before you begin attempting to jailbreak your iPhone 7 device.

Indeed, in many instances, a faulty USB could leave your device connected insecurely to your computer through the jailbreaking process – and this, in turn, could result in irreparable damage being done to your iPhone 7 if the USB should disconnect during the jailbreak.

So, if you’re considering jailbreaking your iPhone 7 device, please don’t leave this to chance; make sure that all of your USBs and chargers are working effectively instead for the best possible support.

Part3. How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with StarzSoft KeyPass [Video Attached]

At this point, we’ve covered all of the crucial information you need to know about jailbreaking your iPhone device – but how can you do so? Well, the StarzSoft KeyPass tool may offer the ideal solution.

StarzSoft KeyPass

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StarzSoft KeyPass has been expertly designed to offer an effective and reliable iPhone unlocking service; best of all, the tool is so simple and easy to use, yet still provides a staggering 98% success rate!

[Guide] How to Jailbreak iPhone 7 By Using StarzSoft KeyPass

So, how can you use the StarzSoft KeyPass tool? Well, KeyPass is incredibly effective for unlocking iPhone devices, and these typically follow the following three steps:

Step1: After downloading StarzSoft KeyPass tool onto your computer, launch the app and select the appropriate unlocking method – in this case for your iPhone 7 device, you’ll want to select “Bypass activation lock”

keypass new interface

Step2: Connect your iPhone 7 to a computer with a USB and ensure this remains connected at all times. Thereafter, confirm and begin to download the jailbreaking firmware onto your computer device.

keypass downloading jailbreak tool

Step3: Wait while the StarzSoft KeyPass tool unlocks your iPhone device. This process to download and jailbreak your iPhone 7 shouldn’t take too long to complete;

keypass removing activation lock
keypass unlock activation complete

Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep the device connected to the Internet and your computer at all times during this process. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a particularly tedious process overall.

Since KeyPass is able to provide a 98% success rate, it’s undeniably one of the most effective unlocking tools. However, in rare cases where the tool doesn’t work, the money-back guarantee may protect your investment overall.

Here’s a 3-min video about how to jailbreak iPhone with StarzSoft KeyPass.

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If you have been unable to get into your iPhone 7 device, then you may have considered jailbreaking the phone. The jailbreaking process, when done manually, can be incredibly complicated; fortunately, with help from specialist iPhone unlocking tools such as StarzSoft KeyPass, jailbreaking your iPhone 7 device can be incredibly quick, simple, and painless.

For how to jailbreak iPhone 7 problem, we hope today’s guide may have given you some new ideas about how to jailbreak your own iPhone 7 device, too; what’s more, we’ve also looked at some of the risks that can come with jailbreaking your iPhone 7 and how to potentially overcome these.

Author: Raymond Lei

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