Everything You Need to Know about EaseUS Data Recovery Crack

Have you ever wondered whether attempting an EaseUS data recovery crack is safe? In many cases, it’s easy to assume that an EaseUS data recovery crack is a straightforward process; however, it’s vital to consider the pros, cons, and potential risks involved before you attempt an EaseUS data recovery crack.

easeus data recovery crack

Luckily, our experts are on hand today to help you find out more about an EaseUS data recovery wizard crack; so why leave this to chance?

FAQs About EaseUS Data Recovery Crack

If you have been looking to use the EaseUS data recovery crack tool to restore data onto your device, it’s first essential to consider the different options that could help with this goal. Indeed, in many cases, finding the most effective solutions for your own data recovery needs is critical; fortunately, this is where EaseUS data recovery can help!

However, it’s vital to consider some of the key features of the EaseUS tool to inform your decision; after all, it’s not always clear the ideal way to restore your lost data. So, why leave this to chance; find the most effective solutions for your device today.

Q1. Is EaseUS Data Recovery Free?

It’s unsurprising, in many cases, that people find themselves wondering about the reliability of the EaseUS tool. And as such, it’s no surprise that many people want to try the EaseUS tool for free.

Fortunately, you can use the EaseUS data recovery tool for free with a 2GB recovery limit, which serves as a free trial for your data recovery efforts. Above this limit, however, you will need to upgrade to the professional version of EaseUS, which is much more expensive at around $70.

Q2. How Can I Get EaseUS for Free?

If you’d like to try out EaseUS for free, then it’s worth starting with the free trial which allows you to restore up to 2GB of data in one go.

Some free versions of the full EaseUS tool may also be available online, but we would strongly recommend against using these as they will often be infected with viruses and malware and may not be legitimate copies of the EaseUS tool.

Q3. Does EaseUS Data Recovery Really Work?

You may be wondering by now, does EaseUS Data Recovery really work? This is an understandable concern, but don’t worry; the EaseUS tool is incredibly powerful data recovery tool, although you’ll be limited as to how well the tool can work if you’re only using the free trial version rather than the paid professional version.

As such, it’s well worth considering that, for many personal users, the EaseUS data recovery tool may be unjustifiably expensive. In addition, we should also point out here that the tool can be quite slow in terms of recovering data; some other methods for data recovery may be more efficient.

Q4. What is the Best Free Data Recovery Tool?

Many different data recovery tools make picking out the best free data recovery tool somewhat complicated.

However, tools such as EaseUS Data Recovery and StarzSoft Data Recovery are designed to deliver effective results for your data recovery goals, making them popular choices in many cases. Make sure you do some research into the benefits and drawbacks of each data recovery tool to find the most effective solution for your data recovery needs.

How to Crack EaseUS Data Recovery Safely

Unfortunately, many people attempt to use a cracked (illegitimate) copy of the EaseUS Data Recovery tool, but this can cause immeasurable losses to your deivce and is also illegal.

As such, if you have been looking for ways to crack the EaseUS data recovery software, you must stop now. Cracking the EaseUS data recovery tool is illegal and is never a safe method; plus, by using pirated cracked software, you’ll prevent future developments on new software systems.

1. Can EaseUS Data Recovery Crack be Trusted?

While there are a few methods to obtain an EaseUS Data Recovery cracked copy, we would strongly recommend against these in every scenario! Indeed, a cracked copy of EaseUS Data Recovery (or any other software) can never be fully trusted since this is illegitimate and not provided by the main developer; if the developer wanted to make their software free to use, they would do so!

Some of the main risks you could face by using cracked EaseUS Data Recovery tools include:

Permanent loss of data from your device that cannot be restored

Potential to download viruses or malware onto your device

Possible personal data losses or security breaches

With the above risks in mind, we absolutely recommend you use the full, legitimate copy of the EaseUS tool. You must never use a cracked copy; it is a massive risk and cannot be trusted in any scenario.

2. The Alternative to Cracking to Use EaseUS For Free

Did you know that you can fully recover your lost data using the EaseUS data recovery tool for free, so long as your data hasn’t been lost for too long? This process is relatively simple and straightforward, so it’s well worth considering the different features of the EaseUS data recovery tool accordingly.

Step1. First, you’ll need to download a copy of the EaseUS Data Recovery tool;

easeus data recovery

The tool is available for both windows and Mac users, making it highly efficient for a wide array of devices. Meanwhile, with an impressive recovery rate of 99.7%, EaseUS could be just the solution you need for your device.


It is worth considering here that, in order to recover your data, you will need to act relatively quickly; if your data is not restored in time, you will find that you can never get the data back.

Step2. Once you have downloaded the EaseUS tool onto your laptop, you should then launch the EaseUS data recover wizard on your computer, and select “Activate” to continue using the tool for free.

You can also upgrade here, but chances are, you’re probably here today because you’re looking to save money on you data recovery efforts.

Step3. Then, simply activate your relevant license code, and start scanning for lost files in a certain location – for example, by searching an external hard drive or your computer’s local disk.

The scan will automatically detect any files that may need to be recovered; then, from here, you will be able to go through and preview the files and select anything that you might want to restore onto your device.

Step4. Finally, simply check the checkboxes next to the images or files that you would like to recover onto your device. Then, the EaseUS tool will automatically begin to restore access to the files from your device, making it an incredibly simple option for recovering your data.

However, be sure to save your data to a secure, safe location to prevent losing the data again. Remember: data loss can be a frustrating situation, but by regularly backing up your data, you can reduce the chances of needing to use a data recovery app again in the future. Don’t worry – data backups are easy to make!

3. EaseUS Is Not Unlimited

It’s worth remembering here that, while using the free or trial version of the EaseUS tool, you will only be able to recover up to 2GB of data. If the data you are looking for is more than this – for example, if you’re looking for numerous photos or a long video – the full version of the EaseUS tool may be more appropriate.

Alternatively, you could opt for another data recovery tool such as the StarzSoft data recovery app instead – but remember that not every data recovery tool is created equally. As such, no matter the tool that you choose, you should always ensure you check the past ratings first.

The Best Official Alternative to EaseUS Data Recovery – StarzSoft Data Recovery

If, at this point, you’re not sure that EaseUS is the right tool for your needs, you may want to consider another option instead. Fortunately, as one of the newest data recovery tools on the market, StarzSoft Data Recovery might be just the innovative solution you deserve!

starzsoft data recovery

Indeed, in many cases, StarzSoft is able to provide an exceptional rate of data recovery success – for a highly competitive price, too!

Using the StarzSoft Data Recovery tool is also very simple and straightforward. Only 4 steps to make it.

Step1. Choose a location

select the location

Step2.Deep Scan the files

deep scanning

Step3.Filter the found files

filter files

Step4.Preview and Recover the Data

preview and recover files

Here is the user guide of StarzSoft Data Recovery.

As such, it’s a valuable tool to consider if you have been wanting a quick and simple solution to restore lost data.

Remember: using any corrupted tool can severely harm your device’s data! Luckily, StarzSoft Data Recovery is the simple, reliable option to restore your device’s data quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


When it comes to your device’s data, ensuring that you have the most efficient solutions in place is integral – but in some cases, this can be a little hard to achieve. Still, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about the EaseUS data recovery tool today to help.

If you’re feeling a little unsure, the StarzSoft data recovery tool may be the best-suited tool for your needs. Why leave this to chance?

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Author: Raymond Lei

A tech editor for Starzsoft.com offering professional how-to articles for Windows, Android and Apple users.