Snapchat Keeps Crashing iPhone 11/12/13? Real Fixes Here!

Snapchat has been getting popularity immensely, and everyone seems to be using it. However, many iPhone users have complained about the “Snapchat keeps crashing iPhone” issue. Unfortunately, no one wants to face issues while using Snapchat.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to look for methods that can offer you reliability, and this guide will provide you with remarkable solutions.

Part 1: How to Fix Snapchat Keeps Crashing iPhone

Fix 1: Force Close Snapchat and Then Restart

If you’re facing the “Snapchat keeps crashing iPhone” issue, the first thing you need to do is quit the app and launch it again.

To quit the app, you’ll need to double press the iPhone’s home button and then drag the Snapchat app to the right side to kill it. Next up, you’ll need to launch the app again to see how it goes.

snapchat keeps crashing iphone

Fix 2: Clear Snapchat History and Cache

You can also fix the Snapchat crashing issue by clearing its history or cache, as this process might help the application fight software bugs. Here’s how to do it.

  • 1. After launching Snapchat on your iPhone, navigate to the Your Profile icon.
  • 2. Visit “Account Action” after entering Snapchat Settings. You’ll need to hit “Clear Cache” to clear the history.

snapchat keeps crashing ios

Fix 3: Update Snapchat and iOS to the Latest Version

If you haven’t upgraded to the iOS version of the Snapchat app, it might be the reason behind the “Snapchat crashing iPhone” issue. Hence, when you face this issue, you don’t waste any before checking for new updates on your iPhone and Snapchat.

snapchat crashing iphone

Fix 4: Disconnect and Then Reconnect Wi-Fi

Internet connection plays a pretty important role if you use any social media application. Hence, you’ll need to check your Wi-Fi connection if Snapchat doesn’t bother to run properly. You can disconnect the Wi-Fi network for a while and then connect it again to see how it goes.

You’ll need to visit iPhone settings and navigate to the “General” icon to do it. Next up, you’ll need to tap the Wi-Fi icon and disconnect it. Later, you’ll need to connect the network again.
This process might help you fix this issue you were facing.

snapchat app keeps crashing iphone

Fix 5: Disable VPN to Fix Snapchat Crashing iPhone

Enabling VPN helps you access the information or application that might not support your current location. However, VPN can also prevent you from using some of your applications properly.

For instance, if your Snapchat crashes while using it, VPN can also be the culprit. It is why if you’ve enabled VPN and have been facing the issue, you can disable the VPN. Disabling the VPN might assist you in getting rid of the issue.

snapchat keeps crashing on iphone

Fix 6: Soft Restart and Force Restart iPhone

Despite trying many things, if the “Snapchat keeps crashing iPhone” issue persists, you should look to soft restart or hard restart your iPhone. Restarting iPhone at times helps you fight many software glitches. Here’s how to do it.

1. Soft Restart iPhone

  • 1. Press and hold the side or volume button until the power off slider feels its presence.
  • 2. Next up, you’ll need to drag the slider to the right side to turn the device off. Press and hold the side button again to turn it on again.

snapchat app crashing iphone

2. Force Restart iPhone

  • 1. You’ll need to press and release the Volume up and down buttons. Next up, you’ll need to press and hold iPhone’s side button when the Apple logo appears.
  • 2. Now, your iPhone will get started again automatically. Despite force restarting or soft restarting iPhone, the Snapchat issue persists; you’ll need to look for other options.

snapchat keeps crashing iphone 11

Fix 7: Use Starzsoft Fixcon to Solve Snapchat Keeps Crashing iOS

The best way to get rid of the “Snapchat keeps crashing iPhone” issue is to acquire the services of Starzsoft Fixcon. Using this tremendous tool, you have the leverage to fix about 200+ iOS issues with minimal effort. On top of that, StarzSoft Fixcon also comes with a fairly simple interface, meaning restoring the iPhone won’t be as difficult as it would be.

In addition, Starzsoft Fixcon also doesn’t cause any data loss, courtesy of its Standard Repair Mode.

  • 1. First of all, you’ll need to install Fixcon on your PC and then launch it straight away. Next up, you’ll only need to connect the iOS device to a PC to proceed ahead.
  • 2. In this gig, you’ll only need to tap “Standard Repair” mode as it doesn’t cause any data loss.

    why does my snapchat keep crashing iphone 7

  • 3. Now, your task is to search for a suitable firmware package and download it afterward by tapping the “Download” icon.

    snapchat keeps crashing iphone 12

  • 4. In the end, you’ll only need to tap the “Continue” button and start restoring the device. You’ll be able to start iPhone after a few minutes.

Fix 8: Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat

If nothing works for you and every method you tried turned out to be a failure, you’ll need to uninstall the app and then install it again to see how this works.

To uninstall the app, you’ll need to visit App Store and search for Snapchat. After finding it, you’ll need to tap Uninstall to remove it. Next up, you’ll need to select the Install icon to get it installed again on your iPhone.

Fix 9: Check the Snapchat Server Status

Sometimes, Snapchat servers tend to get updated; as a result, this can cause inconvenience. Moreover, the server can also be down for some reasons that might be causing this issue. Hence, you’ll need to check the Snapchat server status and ask your friends if they are also facing the same issue.

Part 2: FAQs about Snapchat on iPhone

1. Why does my Snapchat keep crashing on my iPhone?

If your Snapchat keeps crashing, there are some technical or other reasons. For instance, if you’re using the older iOS version, it can create trouble for you.

Moreover, a weak Wi-Fi network can also be the main culprit behind the chaos you’ve been dealing with. In addition, if Snapchat’s server is down, it can also be the main reason behind the issue.

2. How do you reset Snapchat on your iPhone?

Many things contribute to the “Snapchat keeps crashing iPhone” issue, but you can fix the issue by refreshing or resetting your Snapchat. To put things in order, all you need to do is navigate Snapchat settings and the clear cache and then launch the Snapchat app again.

3. Should I clear cache on Snapchat?

Yes, clearing the cache can help Snapchat tackle several software bugs that might cause trouble for your Snapchat going forward. Hence, it would help if you didn’t waste any time before clearing the cache.

This process might assist you in getting refreshed and then go on a fight with the issues your Snapchat is currently facing.


If you’re facing issues with your Snapchat, you don’t need to panic as we’ve gathered the most prominent and prestigious methods for you.

Using these methods, you can eliminate this issue with minimal effort. Of all the solutions discussed here in this guide, StarzSoft Fixcon is the most remarkable and prestigious option.

Author: Hare Rainsun

Specialized in resolving iPhone/iPad/iPod touch issues for more than 10 years.