Why is My iPad Colors Messed Up and How to Fix

I have been experiencing a blurred iPad screen for about 5 days and have no idea about it. Can you tell me “why is my iPad color messed up”?

If you’re an Apple user, you might need to read some instructions about the working of the iPad. For instance, some people suggest that they face an issue when their iPad screen gets distorted. It is an unwanted situation, and no one would have intended to be in this position.

However, you don’t need to be too much concerned about the situation as we’ve come up with fairly useful solutions for you.

Part 1: Why is My iPad Colors Messed Up and How to Fix (5 Ways)

Reason 1. Color Filter You Select Makes Your Ccreen Flawed 

Apple enables you to select the color filters according to your preference. You can make your viewing flawless by selecting prolific color filters. Unfortunately, sometimes, the color filter you select makes your screen flawed, and you can face a major issue with your iPad.

Solution: Turn Off Color Filters

  • 1. After navigating to iPad settings, you’ll need to hit the “Accessibility” option.
  • 2. Next up, you’ll need to hit Colour filters after selecting “Display Accommodation”.
  • 3. Now, you can turn off the color filters. After turning the color filter off, you’ll need to check if the iPad display issue has been solved.

why is my ipad colors messed up

Reason 2. Software Glitches That Cause iPad Colors Distorted

Sometimes, when your iPad’s display gets blurred, it might be due to minor software glitches. It might happen due to a particular application installed on your iPad. Some applications contain the virus and end up disturbing the overall functionality of the iPad.

Solution: Restart iPad to Solve iPad Screen Color Messed Up

To get rid of minor software bugs, you can try restarting the iPad, as doing so could be pretty helpful for you. Restarting the iPad device seems pretty simple, but it is more than useful. Here’s the step by step guide to restart the iPad.

  • 1. After pressing the Power button, you’ll need to hold it until you see the Power off slider there.
    Next, you’ll need to drag the slider to the right side to turn your iPad off.
  • 2. Now, you can start your iPad again by hitting and holding the Power button again until the Apple logo makes its appearance.

ipad colors distorted

Reason 3. Too Many Different Activities

Sometimes, a soft restart doesn’t help you fix the iPad display issues you’re currently facing. The thing is that when you perform different activities on the iPad, it can put an extra burden on your device, which might affect your iPad pretty badly.

Solution 3: Force Restart to Solve iPad Colors Messed Up

iPad with a home button

  • 1. Press and hold on to the home and power button for about 10 seconds.
  • 2. Release the button when you see the Apple logo there. This process will automatically restart your iPad and might help you solve the issue you’ve struggled with.

ipad screen color messed up

iPad with a Face ID

If updating iOS or restarting iPhone didn’t help your cause, try to restart the compass. Here’s the guide to do it.

  • 1. Press and hold your iPad Volume up and down button for 1 second.
  • 2. Next up, you’ll need to tap and hold the Power button for about five seconds until Apple appears to make its presence felt.

ipad colors messed up

After a few minutes, you’ll be able to use the iPad and see the outcome of the Force restart option.

Reason 4. Too Old iPadOS

Another thing that might cause the iPad screen blurred issue is the old iPadOS version. Apple regularly introduces the new iPad version to make the user experience top-notch. If you don’t install it regularly, it might create major iOS device issues.

Hence, if you’re asking “why is my iPad colors messed up”? You may need to check whether you’ve installed the latest iOS version or not.

Solution: Update iPadOS to the Latest Version

You can follow the quick guide to update the iOS version.

  • 1. Navigate to iPad settings and tap on the “General” option. Next, you’ll need to tap “Software Update”.
  • 2. After tapping the “Software Update” option, you’ll be able to find the latest version if available. You can install the new update after tapping the Update icon.

ipad screen has weird colors

Reason 5. Issue with iPad Settings

Despite trying all these things, if the issue you were facing persists, there might be some inconvenience with your iPad settings. Sometimes, you don’t pay attention to iPad settings and might face many issues.

Solution: Reset All Settings

You can fix the iPad display issues by resetting iPad settings. This process will boost your iPad, and then you can set up new settings. The benefit of this operation is that it tends to refresh your iPad’s setting and solve a lot of iOS device issues. You can follow the guide below to reset iPad settings.

  • 1. After visiting the settings, you’ll need to select the “General” icon.
  • 2. All you need to do is select the “Reset” option and then hit Reset All Settings.
  • 3. Confirm the action after entering your iPad passcode there. Now, your iPad will be reset, and you can check the issue you were having has been taken care of or not.

my ipad color is messed up

Part 2: How to Fix iPad Colors Distorted When You Cannot Figure Out the Reason

If you’re having trouble with your iPad’s screen colors, you should take the services of StarzSoft Fixcon. It is a mind-blowing third-party tool that enables you to get rid of about 200+ iOS issues with minimal effort.

On top of that, you won’t lose any data courtesy of its remarkable Standard Repair Mode. Moreover, Starzsoft also comes with an intuitive user interface.

How to repair an iPad using Starzsoft Fixcon?

  • 1. First, you’ll need to install the application on your PC and connect the iPad to your system. Next, you’ll need to launch the software.
  • 2. In this phase, you’ll need to tap on the Standard Repair Mode option to repair the iPad with no data loss.

    why is my ipad colors messed up

  • 3. After searching for a befitting firmware package, you’ll need to grab it by tapping “Download”.
  • 3. You’ll need to complete your repairing process by clicking the Continue icon in the final gig. After it, Starzsoft Fixcon will start repairing your iPad.

    ipad colors distorted

The process won’t take any longer, as you’ll be able to restart the iPad after a couple of minutes. Next up, you’ll need to launch the iPad and see how it goes.


If you’re having some issues with your iPad colors, this guide could be useful. In this article, we were keen to introduce you to the main reasons of why is my iPad colors messed up.

Apart from telling you the reasons, we’ve also mentioned the application methods to fix your issue. Of all the things we’ve come up with in this piece of writing, StarzSoft Fixcon is the best option. It comes with a commendable user interface and a breathtaking restoring process.

Author: Hare Rainsun

Specialized in resolving iPhone/iPad/iPod touch issues for more than 10 years.