What is Geometry Dash | How to Download Geometry Dash for Free iOS

Part 1: What is Geometry Dash?

If you are a fan of fun action-filled runner-style games, you must try Geometry-dash. This game is available for almost all computer platforms and a version with fewer features is right there for you for your portable devices as well.

You can even get geometry dash for free iOS or geometry dash full version free iPhone so that you may have fun playing this game on your iPhones. This game is filled with various amazing features including different collectibles in the treasure room and at a shop, various attractive layouts of the game, friends and global leaderboards, a vault of secrets, user-level downloads, quests, daily rewards, Google play games integration for your Android device, Game center integration for your iOS devices, and many more.

geometry dash for ios free

Part 2: Why Do People Want to Get Geometry Dash for Free iOS?

Are you wondering why is the game Geometry Dash so popular, and what is so good about this game? 

  • Well, it is because of the uniqueness of the game. In this game, the players are also allowed to design levels online. People love the music tracks of the game.
  • Plus, you can also incorporate your desired music at the level you design.
  • Doesn’t it sound fun? The game is made in such a way that people do not lose interest and as they pass each stage, the level of difficulty as well as the level of interest rises.
  • One more thing that makes this game exciting is the graphics of the game. The geometrical objects contribute to the uniqueness of the game.
  • Moreover, you can even create your objects using various geometrical shapes. You can be innovative while playing this game. 

Furthermore, the incredibly designed uncountable features like the secret vaults, daily rewards, and collectibles in a treasure room add up to the excitement of the game. Let’s move ahead and find out how to download geometry dash for free on iOS.

Part 3: How to Download Geometry Dash for Free iOS

To download geometry dash for iOS free, you are required to download a third-party software program like Panda Helper, AppValley, etc. Let’s see how to use these programs to get geometry dash iPhone free.

1. Panda Helper Dowmload Geometry Dash iPhone Free

Panda helper is one of the most widely used apps to download geometry dash for free iOS. This app is used to install numerous applications that aren’t easily available on your official app store. Let’s find out how to use Panda Helper to download geometry dash full iOS for free.

  • 1. Open the Panda Helper website, click the ‘Download’ button to download the app.
  • 2. Go to ‘Settings’>‘Security’>Enable the option of unknown sources.
  • 3. Install Panda Helper as per instructions and launch the Panda Helper App.
  • 4. Search for Geometry Dash, then click the Download for iOS button and grab the game.

geometry dash for free ios

Visit the link below to download geometry dash for free iOS from the Panda Helper app:

2. App Valley

Appvalley is a very popular and widely used app store that has numerous hacked games and apps which are not available easily anywhere else, not even on the official Apple store. You can easily download Geometry Dash free iOS from the AppValley app. All you need to do is install Appvalley on your iPad or iPhone.

Once you are done downloading this app, you can download the action-packed game Geometry Dash for free. To download Geometry Dash for free iOS using the AppValley app, follow these easy steps:

  • 1. On your iOS device, open AppValley. Now, search for Geometry dash for iOS.
  • 2. Click the ‘Download’ button and install the app.
  • 3. Go to ‘settings’>‘General’
  • 4. Now, go to ‘Profile and Device management, click on Geometry Dash Hack Download.

how to download geometry dash for free ios

The rhythm-based action-filled Geometry Dash will be downloaded in no time. Use the link below to download geometry dash for iOS from AppValley for free.

3. Apple Store

Apple store is a popular and commonly used platform to download a wide variety of games and applications on your iPad and iPhone. To download Geometry Dash from the Apple store, click on the link below.

4. iOS Haven 

You can download many different games for your iOS devices from iOS Haven.

5. Softonic for Free Geometry Dash Download iOS

Softonic is another popular site from where you can download various games including Geometry-dash.

6. The Gamer HQ

You can download geometry dash and many different applications from the popular game downloading app called The Gamer HQ.

Part 4: How to Control Games on PC

If you are looking for a tool that can mirror your mobile games and control it from PC, try StarzSoft StarzMirror. This tool helps mirror Android and iPhone to PC in simple steps. Furthermore, it has been designed in a way that allows you control Android on PC. Now, we will tell the detailed steps.

Free DownloadSecure Download

  • 1. Launch the app on both your Android phone and PC.
  • 2. Connect your Android to PC and select the File Transfer mode.

    how to get geometry dash for free ios

  • 3. Make sure you have enabled Develop Mode and USB debugging.
  • 4. On your PC app, click on Start to Connect > Mirror.

    geometry dash full ios

  • 5. Go to your mobile app, click on Start Now to Mirror, then you can use your mouse and keyboard the mobile phone.

Part 5: FAQs about Geometry Dash for iOS Free

1. Is geometry dash available on the App store?

Yes, Geometry Dash is available on the official Apple store. Apart from numerous applications and games for iOS devices like iPad and iPhone, the App store allows you to download your favorite rhythm-based, fun-filled, and action-packed game Geometry Dash easily. 

2. Is geometry dash a hard game?

The appearance of strategically placed geometric obstacles and quick momentum of the game makes it a bit difficult yet exciting to play. It is a kind of mind game. Players are required to concentrate and make quick decisions throughout the game. The game is pretty challenging and many experts in this game have made tutorials on how to play and get through various levels of the game. 

3. Which are the alternate online action games to geometry dash?

There are various alternative online games to Geometry Dash. So, if you are done with Geometry dash, you may try out these games on your iOS. These games include Minecraft, Impossible Game, Geometry Dash World, Geometry Dash Subzero, Scratch, and Geometry Dash Meltdown. These variations of the Geometry Dash game are available for free.


Geometry dash is a rhythm-based, funfilled, and action-packed game that has inviting and attractive graphics. The geometric graphics of the game makes it unique from the other games. This game is pretty addictive, yet simple to play. It becomes more and more interesting as each stage is crossed. The game also has practice sessions for the beginners.

You can easily download Geometry Dash from Various places, however, AppValley and Panda Helper are widely used to download this game on iOS for free. 

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