11 Best Live Streaming App for iPhone/iPad

Live streaming is becoming more famous every day. Most artists and companies are aware of the live streaming potential. They are providing more programs in the form of a live stream. If you want to unlock your true potential, it is essential to explore the world of live streaming.

We have compiled a list of apps for iPhone for live streaming. You will be amazed to learn about these mesmerizing iPhone live-streaming apps.

Best Live Streaming App for iPhone

Larix Broadcaster

It is one of the top apps for the real-time streaming protocol. You can live stream on many platforms at one time because the app allows many connections simultaneously.

You can also use the only audio capture mode for an event where only audio is needed. You get this app free from the app store. If you are an advanced user, you may find some difficulty. You cannot adjust the aspect ratio in this app.

Nano Stream

It is another excellent live streaming app for iPhone. This app will allow you to make HD live streaming as it gives 7.5 MBPS speed.

You can also use the browser version of the app for streaming. You can download the app free of cost. To run the live streaming, you need to register with the company by providing some details. It is not compatible with all iOS devices.

Wirecast Go

This app has two versions. You can use the basic version for free. When you need full RTMP, you have to pay 5.99 dollars. You can use the desktop app version and do hybrid live streaming. It also has some issues.

Most of the advanced features are available in the paid version. You cannot use some functions in different iPhone versions.


You can use this app when you need to share the video with the people at the venue. It is one of the best apps with multiscreen functions.

You can download the app free from the app store. It is also free to use. You have to pay for advanced options. You should only choose this app if you want to use the multiscreen option.

Broadcast me

It is an app for people who like to keep records offline. It will allow you to make a secure live stream connection. You can use all the functions free of cost.

It also has some issues as it cannot use the wide-angle camera function of the latest iPhone devices. This app is not compatible with the Dacast.


YouNow is one of the oldest apps for live streaming. You can download the app and use it free of cost. All the functions of the app are free to use. It was a popular app in the past. It is losing its popularity because it lacks effective monetization. It is not compatible with the Dacast. You can do mobile and desktop streaming using the same app.

LinkedIn Live

One of the best apps if you want to attract professionals to your live streaming. It is more suitable when live streaming topics related to business and self-improvement. You can host a virtual event also using this app. Professionals should use this app.

If want to do something for fun, you can go for other options. This app is highly regulated. They will ba you for doing anything unethical. It is also free to use.


Unlike LinkedIn live, this is not a platform for professionals. It is the fastest-growing live streaming app for iPhone. This app is free to use. It is famous among live streamers because of its algorithm. Your live stream will go to the new users even when they are not following you.

You can also send and receive gifts during the live stream session. Everyone is sending lots of content on this app. It is hard to find loyal viewers as everyone jumps toward the new content.


It is a different app compared to the others. This app does not allow you to do video live streaming. You can only broadcast your audio using this app. It is free to download.

You can use all the functions free of cost. Some users complained that the app has noise issues. You can also make free chat rooms and share information. The biggest issue of the app is the lack of video sharing.

Facebook Live

We all know that Facebook has one of the largest audiences on social media. You can reach new people when you do live-streaming on this app.

When you use Facebook Live, you are limited to Facebook users only. The Facebook algorithm may limit the people viewing your live stream also.


StarzMirror is one of the most famous streaming apps these days. It is providing cost-effective live streaming services to beginners and professionals alike. You can use this app to stream on many platforms at one time.

It allows you to do live streaming on Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, and many other platforms. Most of the other apps may not run on iPhones with low specifications. You can use this app on phones with low specifications also.

Free DownloadSecure Download

It is also more secure than most of the other apps as no one can steal your data. It will provide the best user experience for live streamers because this app is designed for people who like to do high-quality live streaming.

starzmirror ip address

Your choice of the live streaming app for iPhone can be difficult if you are unsure about the options you need. If you are unsure, you can start with the StarzMirror.


We have compiled a list of the most popular live-streaming apps. Every app has some advantages and some drawbacks. If we had to choose one app for live streaming, we will choose StarzMirror. It is compatible with most devices. It also has more functions as compared to the other apps.

Even after testing StarzMirror for many days, we did not find a glitch or bug in the app. The case was not the same for the other apps as we found some glitches.

Author: Barack James

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