How to Fix Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV Not Working

The Samsung Smart TV can be a powerful tool in getting more entertainment into your life. It’s also a nice way to get work done on the go, using the different apps and features Samsung offers.

But if you’re like me, you might have run into some trouble mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV. I have Samsung Galaxy S5 and it’s been a great way to connect my iPhone to the TV.

Why Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV not Working

Software Incompatibility

Sometimes, the screen mirroring feature on your TV might not work because of incompatibility issues with your device’s software.

To resolve this issue, we recommend updating the software version on both your Smart TV and your device.

Connectivity Issues

If the screen mirroring on your Smart TV is not working, it can be due to a drop in connection between your device and the TV.

We recommend you move your device closer to the Smart TV and check if that helps to resolve this issue.

You can also check the Bluetooth status of your device, the Wi-Fi connection of your device, and the power level of the screen mirroring function on your TV.

Attached Devices

You might also notice that if you’re trying to attach a different device to the Smart TV, such as an Apple TV or a Blu-ray player, you might encounter a problem connecting it to your Smart TV.

We recommend you disconnect all gadgets from both devices and reattach only one to resolve this issue.

Screen Setup

The screen mirroring on your Smart TV might be set to “Screen Mirroring” or “Mirror”. If the screen mirroring on your TV is set to “Screen Mirroring”, you might encounter a problem because the “Mirror” mode is not compatible with devices such as Apple TV and Blu-ray players.

To resolve this issue, we recommend changing the setting of “Screen Mirroring” to “Mirror”.

Too Many Devices

You might also encounter a problem connecting your devices to Smart TV if there are too many connections.

We recommend you disconnect other devices from your TV and try connecting your device again to resolve this issue.

Fix Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV Not Working

Fixing the mirroring function on your Samsung TV is fairly simple. This article will guide you through the different methods you can use to fix screen mirroring.

1. Use StarzSoft Fixcon

StarzSoft Fixcon is one of the best apps in the market to fix screen mirroring on Samsung Smart TV. With Fixcon, you can easily fix screen mirroring issues when your Smart TV does not work with your iPhone or iPad because of an incompatibility between your device and the TV.

Step 1: Download Fixcon on your computer and connect your iPhone to it.

Step 2: From the home interface, select the Standard Repair.

fixcon home interface

Step 3: Click on Continute to start to fix.

fixcon firmware is ready

fixcon repairing device

Step 4: After the process completed, try to mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV, it will work now!

fixcon repair successfully

2. Solutions When AirPlay not Working

If your Samsung Smart TV is not working when iPhone or iPad AirPlay with the mirroring function, then you can follow the methods below to resolve this issue:

Method 1: Check if AirPlay is turned on.

Method 2: Restart your iPhone or iPad.

Method 3: Disable and then re-enable the screen mirroring function on your Samsung Smart TV.

1) Open Apps > Settings> System, and turn off screen mirroring. Restart your Samsung smart tv.

2) After restart, turn back on screen mirroring, and check if it can connect to the iPhone now.

3) If this works, then disable “Turn on screen mirroring when AirPlay mirroring is turned on” And enable it.

That’s it. Enjoy using your Samsung Smart TV.

3. Solutions when AirPlay is not Working with Mac

When AirPlay is not working with MAC, you could try the following method to fix this issue:

1. Disable and then re-enable the screen mirroring function on your Mac. Restart your MAC and then turn back on screen mirroring.

2. After restart, check if it can connect to iPhone now.

If it works, it’s because AirPlay is not working on MAC, so you need to find a way to get around this problem. For example, use AirServer or Cast to connect your iPhone or iPad to Mac via AirPlay if you’re using an Apple TV as a receiver device (the catch here is that all Apple TVs tested in the article produce crazy audio sync issues with iPhones and iPads but only one of them does not).

This is a simple solution for anyone unable to connect their iPhone or iPad to their Samsung Smart TV because of their incompatibility. This is a general solution that can work for almost everyone.

However, if you are connecting your Samsung Smart TV with your iPhone or iPad via a Samsung cable, you should use the “Screen Mirroring” function on your TV.

4. Bonus tips

Samsung Smart TV has a lot of cool movies and videos to help you relax after a hard day at work.

Check out your favorite movies and music on Netflix, HBO Go or Hulu Plus.

Also, the Samsung Smart TV has many apps that can help you managing other devices around the house. For example, the “TV” app connects your phone to your TV via Bluetooth or MHL cable through your television.


Screen Mirroring function is not supported by all Apple products yet, but with a new release from Apple, I do not doubt that this function will soon be supported by more products, including iPhone 5S and iPad Air 2. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you still have some issues. We will reply to your email as soon as possible.

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