iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 Download & Review

When it comes to iCloud, one of the biggest frustrations that many users face is the notorious iCloud activation lock. Fortunately, you can still get around this complication if your iCloud account is struggling to connect and activate with your new mobile device – and one such solution is the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4.

Today, we’ll look at what the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 is in this review. What’s more, we’ll also consider why you might need to use this tool and give some tips for downloading and using it if you find yourself struggling with iCloud activation difficulties.

what is icloud activation bypass tool v1.4

What is the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4?

First of all, we should consider what the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 is. Indeed, this tool is something that could prove hugely valuable for your new iPhone unlocking needs, but it’s imperative you know what the tool is and what it does.

icloud activation bypass  tool version 1.4

The exact mechanisms for the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 are not revealed. Nonetheless, the tool is available across PCs and Apple OS devices to help bypass iCloud activation locks.

Before we look any further, it’s crucial we give a word of caution. Indeed, iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 is an old tool and one that is not updated regularly. To this end, it can be difficult to find an official, legitimate link for the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 download file.


Make sure to read on to find the legitimate download file destination – otherwise, you could be putting your device at risk of getting infected by malicious malware!

Why You Might Need the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 Download File

You might find yourself struggling with iCloud activation for a few reasons. One of the most obvious reasons you might be facing this challenge is that you’ve recently purchased a second-hand iPhone model that the previous owner has already locked to an iCloud account. Alternatively, after resetting your own iPhone, you could simply have forgotten your iCloud login credentials.

Whatever the case might be for you and your device, finding yourself in this situation can leave you in a bit of a fix.

In the past, the only solution for this issue would have been to visit your local phone repair store to get the device unlocked. However, there is now a new solution – and a growing number of dedicated software such as the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 download, which is a downloadable file that can allow you to bypass the iCloud activation requirement rapidly.

Where to Find the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 Download File?

We’ve already mentioned that finding the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 download file link is difficult. What’s more, a quick Google search isn’t going to find anything valuable.

Unfortunately, the fact that this excellent tool is so difficult to find means that a staggering number of hackers have taken the opportunity to create fraudulent versions of the tool. To this end, the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 is now nigh-on impossible to find with a simple search engine search, and the results will largely just be links to fraudulent websites and download links infected with malware.

Don’t take this risk! While it can be hard to find a suitable download link for the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4, that’s not to say that legitimate copies of the tool aren’t still available online.

If you want to download the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 file, we highly recommend you take all necessary precautions. This care is vital to ensure that you aren’t downloading any malicious software onto your device. We’ve listed some top tips for downloading a legitimate copy of the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 as follows.

1. Look for Sites with SSL Security and Encryption

Before downloading anything onto your device, you should always begin your search by looking for legitimate websites that you know and trust for your software download. Ideally, your chosen website should have https:// secure SSL security and encryption to protect your data where possible. Don’t leave this to chance; if the site doesn’t have SSL encryption, it’s immediately not worth the risk!

2. Make Sure the Site is a Legitimate, Well-Established Destination

Before downloading anything online, you should always ensure your chosen website is legitimate, well-established, and has a good reputation. While this may not provide you with full protection still, it’s a good way to improve the chances of downloading a legitimate file as opposed to a fraudulent, malware-infected fake.

3. Ensure You Have Fully-Active Malware Protection in Place

As a final point, you must have full anti-malware software in place before downloading anything onto your device. This requirement is true, regardless of the nature of your download.

Indeed, even if you’re only downloading images from websites, you should always make sure you have anti-malware protection in place to protect your device. However, since we already know that many hackers have taken advantage of the difficulty in sourcing original copies of the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool (V1.4), it’s even more essential.

After all, even the best precautionary measures are only so effective, and hackers are getting ever more advanced with their methods. So, having strong and fully-working anti-malware software in place and installed on your device before downloading is crucial. This simple step will protect you, just in case the file you’ve chosen happens to be a mistake.

How to Use The Bypass Tool V1.4

Once you’ve found a legitimate copy of the iCloud Activation Bypass V1.4 tool, you’re probably wondering how to use the feature. Fortunately for most people, the tool is quite easy to run.

1. Turning on your iPhone Device

To begin, you should start by turning on your iPhone device and following the instructions as prompted. Continue until you reach the Wi-Fi setup page, which is where you’ll want to connect the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4.

To do this, select the “i” button, which should appear next to your Wi-Fi network. This will load the specific information for that Wi-Fi network.

2. How to Connect the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

There should be an option to “Configure Proxy” at the bottom of the page. Select this box and turn the Proxy from off to Manual. After doing so, you can input a manual server and port. Input these details, then select “Save” at the top right.

iphone configure proxy

3. Run the Activation Bypass Tool

Now that the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 has been connected, you’ll want to continue progressing through the iPhone setup prompts until you see the activation page. At this point, you should run the tool. To do this, select all options on the left. Then, you should select the prompt to connect the iCloud erasing server.

This will prompt you to upload an activation file. Upon doing so, you’ll then be able to select next on your device and continue with setting up the iPhone as normal.

Is it Worth Trying the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4? 

decision making

So, we’ve outlined how the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 works above – but is this downloadable file any good at bypassing iCloud activations? Well, the jury tends to be out on this point. Indeed, while there are some benefits of the tool – notably, it’s completely free, easy to use, and excellent tutorials are available – the actual success of the tool is questionable.

Indeed, while some people have reported good experiences with the tool, the consensus nowadays is that even the V1.4 copy is too outdated to work effectively. To this end, the vast majority of people report that the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 is ineffective for bypassing their activation locks.

As such, if you’ve been looking for an iCloud activation bypass tool, considering a different software might be a safer and more productive use of your time. Fortunately, there are other, more up-to-date activation bypass tools available for modern iPhone systems if you don’t fancy taking your device to an official Apple store to get it unlocked professionally.

Alternative to the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool (Video Attached)

The iCloud Activation Bypass Tool doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation and sourcing a clean copy that won’t infect your device with malware can be a challenge. To this end, why not consider instead StarzSoft KeyPass to the iCloud activation tool?

The StarzSoft KeyPass tool is highly effective for removing iCloud activation locks safely, securely, and quickly. Indeed, our tool is effective for unlocking iCloud devices securely so that the previous owner won’t be able to tamper with your device in any way. You can even use the tool to remove passcodes and security locks from the device, making it a highly versatile solution.

Our KeyPass tool can be downloaded readily and is available to use immediately upon completion of the download. To run the tool, simply use the following steps:

Step1: Launch the program and prompt the tool to “Remove iCloud Activation Lock”, then select “start

keypass new interface
keypass remove activation lock

Step2: Connect your new iPhone device to your computer or desktop

keypass connect device

Step3: Once the tool has completed the jailbreak package download, try to burn the jailbreak environment to a USB Flash Drive as follows:

keypass downloading jailbreak tool
keypass burn jailbreak environment to usb

Please pay attention here to the note that if you click “yes” that it will erase all the data when installing the jailbreak tool.

keypass erase usb note
keypass installing jailbreak tool

Step4: Start to remove the activation lock. After the jailbreak in step 3 is done, confirm your device’s information and then click “Unlock Now“.It takes 1 min to remove successfully!

keypass confirm device info
keypass removing activation lock
keypass unlock activation complete

The tool produces a short set of instructions. Follow these to complete the jailbreak removal.

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Many people have tried the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool (Version 1.4) for unlocking their devices. However, its efficacy in modern times is largely contested, and there is a great deal of risk when it comes to downloading fake copies of this tool online, too.

As such, alternatives to the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool V1.4 download file could offer a more reliable level of support for bypassing the iCloud activation requirements on your new device or newly reset device.

What’s more, the risk of downloading malware onto your device from fraudulent, fake copies is eliminated. As a result of these factors, choosing a modern StarzSoft KeyPass may be a better option than sticking with the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4 download file.

Author: Raymond Lei

A tech editor for Starzsoft.com offering professional how-to articles for Windows, Android and Apple users.