iPad Activation Lock Bypass Code: How to Use & FAQs

iCloud Activation Lock is a feature launched as part of iOS 7 and Mac OS 10.15 computers for iPad and iPhone that prevents users from connecting a user’s personal Apple ID to a device. If a device is ever disabled or repaired, accessing the device requires the user’s Apple ID and password.

It can be bypassed when a company deploys supervised devices. iPad activation lock bypass code ensures if an employee exits without deleting the system’s locked Apple ID, the organization will get a code to unlock the system, allowing the organization to set it up as new.

The device must be monitored with either Automated Device Enrollment or Apple Configurator (iOS/iPad OS only) to bypass the Activation Lock on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Part 1. How to Use an Activation Lock Bypass Code?

To set and use the iPad activation lock bypass code, we need to use some software. Mobile Device Management (MDM) software is used for this purpose. We are using Mac Profile Manager MDM software as an example.

Mac profile manager works for the security, management, and monitoring of mobile devices. The activation lock allows its admins to bypass the lock only on a supervised device. Furthermore, we have described the ways to set, allow, and use this activation lock.

1Set Activation Lock during Enrollment

You can customize the Profile Manager to send such Activation Lock instructions to the system automatically after it has been registered. By default, the command is sent only when the system has received a bypass code. For any individual or community member, you may carry out these steps:

  • 1. Select Classes in the Profile Manager sidebar.
  • 2. Select All and then press the tab for Settings.
  • 3. Enable Activation Lock is a group configuration, and it helps an entity collect with their Apple ID all users of monitored devices who configure Find Me.
  • 4. For Profile Manager, the All Group is used to protect all authenticated account registrations.
  • 5. Click on Save.

2Allow Activation Lock

  • 1. By using the Allow Activation Lock button, you can customize a system to activate the Activation Lock on a person or community outside of the Enrollment Settings.
  • 2. Select Groups in the Profile Manager sidebar.
  • 3. Select All and then press the tab for around.
  • 4. Once devices are activated, you can select the Allow Activation Lock command to activate Activation Lock on the device from the Action pop-up menu.
  • 5. From the dialogue that appears, choose the devices that you want, and then press Activate Activation Lock.

3Use Activation Lock Bypass Code

  • 1. You can use the Activation Lock bypass code instead of a password to open a device and delete it.
  • 2. Tap Devices on the sidebar of the Profile Manager.
  • 3. Pick a device, click the about tab, select the Security triangle, and find the bypass code of the activation lock.
  • 4. In the password space of the Apple ID on the device you wish to delete, enter the bypass code.
  • 5. Leave the name of Apple ID empty.
  • 6. The device is deleted and can be set up again.
  • 7. You must re-configure the Activation Lock and create a new code.

4What to Do if iPad Activation Lock Bypass Code Doesn’t Work?

Use the iActivate program. Use this guidance to bypass and delete your iOS MDM Configure Profile using the iActivate app. You need to toggle Find My iPhone OFF.

Step 1: Request Bypass Service from MDM.

Step 2: Download the iActivate Software for Windows or Mac OS after receiving instructions.

Step 3: You must turn the device ON.

Step 4: Link to a Windows PC or MAC computer and allow it to be identified by iTunes. Click on the system (if required) to “Trust This Machine.”

Step 5: Install the iActivate and Run. You can see software info, such as IMEI, Serial and UDID versions, and iOS versions. This means our software has successfully identified your computer.

Step 6: Click on MDM Bypass Launch.

Step 7: Wait for the system to reset and use Wi-Fi to enable it.

Part 2. FAQs for iPad Activation Lock Bypass Code

1What is iPhone/iPad Activation Lock Bypass Code?

When you don’t have any idea about your iPad’s account password, it is completely useless for you. However, here we have the option of an iPad activation lock bypass code.

Activation lock bypass code is a passcode set by the IT Administrator to bypass iCloud lock on a “supervised” mode device. Mobile device management (MDM) software is used for this purpose, even without knowing apple ID and password.

You may send the bypass activation lock code directly to the computer or manually enter it.

2Why Does it Exist?

When you first set up or reset the computer, you would need to activate the device to use it for everyday activities. iCloud Activation Lock enables you to trigger a lock on your device. Let us say that someone resets it. The system asks you to enter the Apple ID and password that you previously used on the device to begin activation while it is activated. This thereby prevents the system from being reset by an unknown user.

But if an employee locks a corporate-owned computer with his / her Apple ID and he/she leaves the company, this feature can become irritating. Without the Apple ID of the employee, the computer will not be reactivated. So, here comes the iCloud activation lock bypass code to resolve the issue.

3How Does the Activation Lock Affect You?

Although Activation Lock aims to prevent iOS / iPadOS devices and enhances the likelihood of retrieving a missing or lost device, this ability will bring a variety of challenges to you as an IT administrator.

For instance:

On a device, a user sets up the Activation Lock. Then the customer exits the enterprise and returns the appliance. There is no way of reactivating the computer without the user’s Apple ID and password.

For all devices that have Activation Lock activated, you need a report. During a system upgrade in your company, you want to reassign certain equipment to a separate agency. Only devices that do not have Activation Lock activated can be reassigned.

Apple launched Disable Activation Lock in iOS / iPad OS 7.1 to better address these issues. The Disabled Activation Lock allows you to remove Activation Lock without previous onwer from supervised devices. Supervised Devices may create a device-specific Activation Lock bypass code that is stored on Apple’s activation server.


This article aims to provide a complete guide on the iPad activation lock bypass code. By using the activation code, you can simply activate your iPad without knowing Apple ID and password. MDM software helps you to apply the activation code and enjoy using your device without any issues.

Here we have used the Mac profile manager. It works for the security, management, and monitoring of your mobile devices. The iActivate software will be used to resolve the issue if your code is not working properly. If you are facing any issues regarding the iPad activation lock and stuck, try this activation code technique to resolve your problems. We hope this article will be helpful to you. Goodbye!

Author: Barack James

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